BRIDGE Statistics


Statistics as of December 2014


Number of BRIDGE Workshops / Events to date: 1101
Number of TtF workshops: 132
Number of countries that have hosted a BRIDGE workshop: 101
Workshops- How many regions are they spread over 8
Number of BRIDGE facilitators: 2772
Number of nationalities represented amongst BRIDGE facilitators: 145
Number of Expert facilitators: 29
Number of Accrediting facilitators: 70
Number of Workshop facilitators: 705
Number of Semi-Accredited facilitators: 1,271
Number of Semi-Accredited Inactive facilitators:  697
Number of female facilitators: 1,166
Number of male facilitators: 1,606


BRIDGE Workshops and Events

After the record-breaking number of workshops in 2012, BRIDGE activity settled down a little with the end of some major programmes in Indonesia and Bangladesh and reduced activity in other areas.  Africa led the way with 86 of the year's 171 workshops, the next in running was Asia and the Middle East with approximately 30 each. America, Oceania and Europe ran approximately 10 workshops each throughout the year.

Workshops by region



   The Introduction module continues to be the most popular module run, although the Gender, and Train the Facilitator modules were not far behind in 2014. 

Modules run


BRIDGE Facilitators

There has been steady growth in the ranks of BRIDGE facilitators with 2,772 now listed on the BRIDGE facilitator database.  Of these, nearly 30 per cent are fully accredited at Workshop status or above.  Our Expert and Accrediting facilitators were kept busy, with 250 facilitators accredited in 2014.  This compares to 168 in 2013. 

The BRIDGE Office also implemented a cleanup of the database in with all facilitators trained prior to 2010 who were still Semi-Accredited being made inactive.  This accounts for 25 per cent of all BRIDGE facilitators.



The gender balance crept a little further towards equality with 42 per cent of all BRIDGE facilitators being female. Gender balance continues to be a priority for implementers putting together facilitation teams.  The increase in interest in the Gender & Elections module has also been positive. 



Africa leads the way for facilitators as well as workshops.  Representing growing activity in Asia, sitting on 18% and Oceania and Europe approximately 10%. 



The breakdown by country reflects those which have dedicated BRIDGE programs and the high level of interest in Africa.


The top six languages spoken by BRIDGE facilitators are:

- English-1429

- French-525

- Arabic-378

- Portuguese-211

- Russian-110

- Spanish-106