The BRIDGE Curriculum

Welcome to the BRIDGE Curriculum page. From this page you can access information about the curriculum, and for accredited BRIDGE facilitators and other approved users, download the curriculum materials.

What is the BRIDGE curriculum?

The BRIDGE curriculum is a comprehensive professional development tool that endeavours to cover all aspects of the electoral process and its effective administration. It has been written by a large international team of experienced democracy professionals and includes major sections on stakeholders in the electoral process, underlying themes such as integrity and gender, and in-depth exploration of complex issues relating to credibility, ethics and institutional culture.

The curriculum concentrates on underlying principles for well-run elections while drawing on practical examples from around the world. It does not seek to prescribe any one model for implementing those principles, but rather encourages participants to learn from the diverse examples presented. Some modules focus on developing skills and concepts that are important to everyday election administration work, while others focus on exploring structural, ethical or social issues.

Each module includes examples of activities, literature, case studies, election materials and multimedia resources. It provides access to and draws from resources such as the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network, IDEA handbooks and manuals and literature from organisations such as the European Commission or the United Nations. It also offers access to regional and global electoral networks.

The materials of the BRIDGE curriculum are designed for use in face to face workshops run by accredited BRIDGE facilitators using adult learning methodology.

Summary of BRIDGE modules

Click [here] for a summary of all audiences, objectives, structures and special features of all BRIDGE modules (download currently restricted to facilitators - to be amended)

Click [here] for a document listing all key understandings, learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each module (download currently restricted to facilitators - to be amended)

BRIDGE module framework

Below is the BRIDGE module framework. Click on a module to find out more about it.


Restricted access materials

To access these materials you must be logged in as a BRIDGE facilitator or approved user.

Module curriculum documents

Click [here] to go to the curriculum materials for the BRIDGE modules and the Train the Facilitator workshop. This includes:

  • Facilitators Notes
  • Facilitator materials (OHPs, FRs, HOs)
  • Participant notes
  • AV materials where relevant

Graphics, logos, powerpoints

Click [here] to go to the graphic and promotional materials for BRIDGE. This includes:

  • The BRIDGE and partner logos
  • BRIDGE posters
  • BRIDGE icons, colours
  • BRIDGE brochures
  • PowerPoint presentations about BRIDGE
  • Photo slideshows and videos about BRIDGE
  • BRIDGE workshop resources such as banners, nametags, certificates

Implementation files

Click [here] to go to the files for BRIDGE implementation. This includes:

  • The BRIDGE Implementation Manual - full version
  • The BRIDGE Implementation Manual - abridged version for organisations
  • The Implementation Toolkit (useful documents such as sample reports)
  • Materials for the BRIDGE Implementation Workshop


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