How to Download Curriculum Files

In this example we have accessed the PDF Folder from the Civic Education Module to show how to Download a particular component of the Curriculum.

The method is the same to download any other modules or different components. The Modules are all presented in a ZIP Format to compress the size of each component, if you require one particuar component or are unable to download the modules please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


1. Log into the BRIDGE Website


Download 1



2. Navigate to the Curriculum tab on and select ‘Curriculum Files’ (This can also be done through the Facilitator Icon as well) 

Download 2


3. Scroll down ‘Modules’ and click on link (all other BRIDGE related documentation is available here was well, including Translations, Promtional material, Sample Agendas and Key Understandings)

Download 3


4. Click on the icon associated with what you require (in this instance the Civic Education Module)

Download 4


 5. Select the appropriate Folder, in this instance we are opening the PDF Folder

Download 5


6. Click on the 'Download' Icon

Download 6


7. Confirm the correct Module is displayed and click 'Download'

Download 7


9. Click open or save it

Download 8


   10.  Clicking 'Save' will allow you to choose where you would like to 'Save' the folder, in this instance we have chosen the Desktop

Download 9


11.  Once the folder has been downloaded to your computer click 'Open Folder'

Download 11


12.  You may receive this warning requesting verification of the files, click 'Allow' otherwise the program will close

Download 13 






13.  Click on the Folder to view its contents 

Download 14







14.  We can see that this particular folder contains 8 PDF's and for this example we have opened the document 'PN Ci.4.1 Teaching Democracy. What Schools Need To Do' 

Download 15