A BRIDGE workshop on operational planning for the staff of the Haitian Electoral Council

UNDP and IFES implemented a 2-day BRIDGE workshop on electoral planning in partnership with the Haitian electoral council (CEP). 22 staff members participated in the workshop which is part of a BRIDGE programme training for the CEP staff implemented by UNDP and IFES and that started in September 2019.

During the workshop, participants were very active and showed interest on topics included in the agenda. They discussed issues related to the electoral operational planning with a particular focus on the CEP and the Haitian context. Objectives, principles steps of operational management, and risk management were among the topics included in the agenda. In this regard, participants shared their experience in dealing with some specific risks in the Haitian electoral process such as natural disasters as it was the case in 2016 elections when the hurricane Mathew took place in the mid of the electoral process.

Measures to prevent COVID risk were put in place during the workshop.


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