ABRIDGE for Afghanistan’s IEC Staff


This training course was financially supported by AusAID through TAF (The Asia Foundation) organization in Afghanistan.

The IEC of Afghanistan is newly established in 2005, the staffing of field offices has not yet been and so it is vital to build up the capacity of it staffs in different electoral aspects. Since commencing BRIDGE in 2006, 6 different modules have been used in 18 sessions over 2006 and 2007. We recently conducted of ABRIDGE course for whom were recently recruited or didn’t attend in previous BRIDGE courses was highly needed.

Participants at the Kabul BRIDGE Course



The participants were introduced with different electoral aspects , they actively and effectively participate in practical activities, group discussion ,and presentations, topics were selected carefully by 3 BRIDGE full accredited facilitators who are involved in BRIDGE training programs since 3 years from ABRIDGE booklet that had been translated in two local languages in 2004-2005 and BRIDGE full modules.

All topics were interesting for them and most enjoyable topics were: kind of EMBs, electoral system families, advantage and disadvantage of systems, seat allocation in PR list, designing public outreach programs, writing and testing the procedures, preparing election materials, mock election on polling, practical work on counting process, campaigning, Public opinion survey

The course highly appreciated by participants especially the BRIDGE methodology was fantastic and interesting for them and found it effective for their skill improvement.

At the end of the course a participant on behalf of others expressed his grateful and appreciation from Afghan BRIDGE facilitator team, Australian BRIDGE team together with all other respectful partners and AusAID.

Participants proposed to be conducted more BRIDGE modules for them especially Electoral Systems in future.

Facilitators team was consisted of 5 Afghan national BRIDGE facilitators (Shahla Haque, Abdul Ghafor Ashiq, Dr.Rahim Saiyal,Dr.Akhtar and Hamidulla). Dr.Rahim Saiyal and Hamidullah after running several BRIDGE modules in two last years including this ABRIDGE training course become Full Accredit Facilitators of BRIDGE (Congratulation to both).


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