ABRIDGE second training session for political parties in Kabul


The ABRIDGE second session  for political parties was conducted by an initiative of the Asia Foundation from January 30 to February 3, 2010 in TAF’s training hall  in Kabul. There was one representative from each political party in this training session and in total 21 participants from different political parties and 2  persons from Independent Election Commission were attended in this training course.

This training course organized following the ABRIDGE which has been conducted for political parties in 2009 . this ABRIDGE training course consisted of 8 modules from BRIDGE  V1 because we already had the translated version in our two local languages.

The topics were received very well by participants and it was the first time they participated in the training on election topics , all the topics were interesting for them especially the electoral systems , Public outreach and  the campaign .

It has been suggested to organize more training sessions for them in future.

At the end the certificate has been distributed to the participants.

The facilitators of this program were as following:

  • Bakht Mohammed Bakhtyar (Full accredited Facilitator)
  • Awal Rahman Rodwal (Full accredited Facilitator)
  • Mohammed Rasool Haba (Semi accredited Facilitator)
  • Abdul Basir Aziz (Semi accredited Facilitator)



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