Annex 1: BRIDGE Training Components

Module Workshops

BRIDGE is the most comprehensive professional development curriculum available in election administration. It improves the skills, knowledge, and confidence both of election professionals and of key stakeholders in the electoral process such as members of the media, political parties, and electoral observers.The 23 modules can be conducted/modified in several ways:

  • running modules as they are
  • customising modules, e.g. shorter versions,
  • mixing modules, plus new tailored modules using BRIDGE methodology·   
  • mixing BRIDGE methodology with operational training and/or other courses
  • Using BRIDGE for a specific purpose outside professional development training (e.g. as a conference tool)

Length of workshops:

There are 23 modules on all aspects of election administration, grouped thematically:

  1. Electoral Architecture
  2. Working with Electoral Stakeholders
  3. Electoral Operations

Each module varies in duration from one day to one week (average being three days). The modules contain in-built flexibility – providing a menu of topics and activities to be tailored to suit the audience and time available.Intended audience: A broad range of electoral administrators at the middle to senior levels of management can benefit from taking part in BRIDGE.  The primary target groups of the workshop are:·       practising election administrators from developing democracies· electoral administrators in more established democracies who may need a refresher or a team building exercise in this areaPre-requisites for attendance: Ideally participants should have some prior or current experience in the electoral field, or be about to take part in election-related activities if they are electoral stakeholders.

Remember that the intention of the workshop is to enhance professional skills, rather than create those skills.  Participants will get most benefit from the workshop when they are:  motivated individuals, committed to the democratic process; willing to share information, and to assist in the setting up of national training programs; and are willing to participate in the evaluation and further design of the program.

Implementation Workshop 

The purpose of this 3-day workshop is to provide guidance to individuals and organisations responsible for designing and setting up training programs that use material taken from the BRIDGE curriculum. It aims to familiarise participants with what BRIDGE is (its scope and flexibility), and how to best implement it.Length of workshop: This is designed as a three-day program, but could also be conducted in two days, or four days, depending on the audience.Intended audience: Participants should ideally be people who will be the implementers of BRIDGE programs – those who will be administrating and managing the programs and workshops.Pre-requisites for attendance: It is strongly recommended that as a prerequisite  participants have participated in the BRIDGE Introduction module. If they have not, it is highly recommended that the one-day showcase be included as the first day of this Implementation Workshop

Train the Facilitator

This 10-day intensive program, which is integral to the BRIDGE program, uses a ‘train the trainer’ model and aims at accrediting a core group of local trainers as BRIDGE facilitators, for in-country workshops. It aims to give practical skills and knowledge about BRIDGE module workshops to potential facilitators of BRIDGE workshops.  National TtF workshops are conducted in the country where a sizeable BRIDGE program is planned (where a corps of facilitators would need to be employed).  International TtF workshops are conducted on at least an annual basis, in different regions of the world where there is interest in BRIDGE or programs are underway.Length of workshop:

This is a 10-day workshop (spread over two weeks).

Intended audience: The TtF workshop targets experienced trainers, preferably with a background in curriculum development.  In addition to meeting these criteria, facilitators will ideally have a solid grounding in the methodologies and approaches of BRIDGE and capacity development.For International TtFs, facilitators should be selected who have demonstrated an ability to work in a cross-cultural environment.Pre-requisites for attendance: As the TtF workshop targets experienced trainers, preferably with a background in curriculum development – it is highly desirable that participants are qualified and experienced adult trainers. It is also an advantage to have worked in election administration.In addition to this, facilitators will ideally have a solid grounding in the methodologies and approaches of BRIDGE and capacity development – i.e. they should have already been a participant in a BRIDGE module workshop. 


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