September 25, 2020

Online workshop on Gender Equality and Elections

UNDP Regional Service for Africa arranged a five days online BRIDGE regional workshop on Gender Equality and Elections for relevant electoral stakeholders including National Electoral Management Bodies, CSOs and key UNDP Staff to build their capacities in the area of gender equality and elections. In total 24 participants (7 men, 17 women) from Ethiopia Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda, South Sudan, The Gambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe attended the workshop attended the workshop. The workshop was led by BRIDGE facilitator Natia Kashakashvili. The workshop was held using Zoom platform from 14th to 18th September 2020. Each workshop day lasted 5-6 hours, taking into consideration the different time-zones that participants were getting online from. The overall objective of the training was to enhance the capacity of the key national stakeholders involved in elections to better integrate gender mainstreaming in their election cycle and promote an inclusive elections process; it is expected that participants will adapt their experiences to the national context. The training also provided an opportunity for exchanging of ideas and best practices between member states and serve as a platform to establish and expand a pool of experts and community of practice in the area of gender and election. During the workshop, participants have learned and gained knowledge about mainstreaming gender equality throughout the electoral cycle; also, they have analyzed various obstacles that are faced by women as voters, candidates and as election officials. Participants were also explained the impact of Electoral Systems on women representation and the importance of designing quota wisely. During the workshop, several online tools were used to guarantee interactive character of BRIDGE workshop. At the end of the workshop, participants were granted electronic Certificates. […]
June 25, 2018

Voter and Civic Education BRIDGE Workshop in Ukraine, June 2018

BRIDGE VCE Workshop June 2018 Ukraine Group PhotoIFES Ukraine in cooperation with the joint IFES-Central Election Commission (CEC) Administrative Center for the Training of Elections Process Participants, and with the financial support of UK government and USAID, conducted a BRIDGE modular workshop on Voter and Civic Education V3. The workshop main objectives were to explore the concepts and different approaches of civic education, electoral education and voter information in order to aid informed decisions about their use in a Voter and Civic Education programme; also, to explore the merits of a long term, strategic approach to Voter and Civic Education. Therefore, the workshop was constructed on Eight Step approach of implementing the VCE programme. The workshop was conducted during June 19-22, 2018 at “Triplske Sontse” Hotel, in Kyiv, Ukraine. The workshop was facilitated by international facilitator Natia Kashakashvili and two workshop-level Ukrainian facilitators Tetyana Bibik and Oleh Hryshin. Twenty-nine participants from the CEC of Ukraine, International and Local NGOs attended the workshop. The sessions engaged the participants with high interaction and enabled them to discuss the various steps of development and implementation of the Voter and Civic Education Programmes. Some of the sessions encouraged participants to be creative and therefore the atmosphere throughout the sessions remained very positive and joyful. The workshop has met its objectives. Final evaluation was arranged by targeting the stakeholders’ learning outcomes and future usage of the knowledge. One of the main achievements that NGO representatives have mentioned was the opportunity given for them for networking with the CEC of Ukraine as well as International Organizations (IFES, OSCE, USAID). Participants have evaluated the workshop content as very beneficial for the upcoming 2019 Elections; apart the other vast volume of new information received, they have highlighted “WARM” approach to be one of the novelties in systematic approaches discussed during the workshop. Some participants noted their astonishment about the vast volume of the information being delivered within four-day workshop, and along with the lots of practical exercises. At the end, all the participants have received certificates in recognition of completion of 4-day VCE workshop. […]
February 14, 2018

PIANZEA BRIDGE workshop on Strategic Planning

On 6-7 February 2018 On 6-7 February 2018, the Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand Electoral Administrators Network (PIANZEA) delivered a two-day BRIDGE workshop on strategic planning for 23 participants in Nuku’alofa, Tonga. The participants came from 14 PIANZEA member Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) spread throughout the region, including: Australia, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea/Bougainville, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Tuvalu. The strategic planning module aims develop more effective long-term planning for elections and hence elections with greater integrity. The two day workshop introduced participants to the value and benefits of strategic planning and discussed why some EMBs fail to plan and the consequences therein. The workshop also provided an overview of the strategic planning cycle and the steps involved. Participants were encouraged to understand and apply those steps to their own contexts. Most participants were senior managers from their respective EMBs, which demonstrates the network’s commitment and interest in this key topic. The facilitators for the workshop were Mr Jiv Sekhon, Australian Electoral Commission (AEC); Mr Desmond Tsianai, Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner (OBEC); and Ms Vake Blake, Tonga Electoral Commission (TEC). The team was excited to utilise the updated strategic planning module recently released as part of the Version 3 BRIDGE curriculum update process. Additionally, Mr Desmond Tsianai was accredited as a workshop level BRIDGE facilitator at the end of the program. Participants at the workshop appreciated the introduction to strategic planning concepts and the methodology introduced, as well as the opportunity to discuss electoral issues and planning with fellow EMBs from across the region. Some feedback from participants included: Thank you for your sharing and I learn a lot from this training Learning about the planning cycle is a more orderly way to plan I learnt a lot on planning ‘If I fail to plan then I plan to fail’ Excellent knowledge and skill set to watch the connectivities of planning and action plans. Great workshop! Reinforces knowledge and experience – applicable to all aspects of planning. Thank you – great effort! The PIANZEA Network will continue to support delivery of BRIDGE workshops for members over the coming year with sub-regional workshops planned for respective EMBs. As always, facilitators are identified from within the PIANZEA network thereby building the capacity of EMBs in the network. The AEC currently serves as the Secretariat for the PIANZEA network and is generously supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs in administering a multi-year program of capacity building for PIANZEA EMBs, including BRIDGE training. […]
April 27, 2016

Managing Electoral Processes in Georgia

Fifteen workshops on Managing Electoral Processes were conducted in Batumi
January 14, 2016

Workshop on Political Financing in Moldova in November

UNDP Moldova with cooperation of Central Election Commission (CEC) of Moldova and financial support of Sweden government
January 14, 2016

Workshop on Political Financing in Ukraine in December

IFES Ukraine with cooperation of Central Election Commission (CEC) of Ukraine and financial support of Canadian government, held BRIDGE Political Financing workshop for the representatives of CEC and CSOs
October 12, 2015
INTROGroup7 10September

IEC Jordan continues professional development of electoral staff

Through Introduction to Electoral Administration Workshops
March 13, 2015

IEC Jordan holds specialized workshop on Electoral Operational Training

IEC Jordan in cooperation with IFES Jordan and with financial assistance of USAID implements the professional development program aiming at:
February 12, 2015

The IEC Professional Development Program launched the first set of BRIDGE Intro workshops for Election Officials

During September 7 to November 6, 2014 ten Intro workshops were conducted.....
April 7, 2014

Enhancing NEC Rwanda facilitators

National Electoral Commission (NEC) of Rwanda in collaboration with the Governance team of One UN Rwanda have conducted BRIDGE workshop for EMB staff/trainers during 21-29 March, 2014
January 2, 2014

Contestants, Media and Elections in Rwanda

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) of Rwanda in collaboration with the Governance team of One UN Rwanda, held the BRIDGE workshop on Contestants, Media and Elections for the Political parties and media practitioners during December 17-21, 2013, in Musanze, Rwanda.
January 2, 2014

Moldova EMB enhances its capacity with accredited facilitators

UNDP Moldova Democracy Programme/Elections, in partnership with the Central Elections Commission of Moldova
October 8, 2013

Preparing Elections in Turkmenistan

UNDP Turkmenistan, in cooperation with the Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan, organized the 3-day Electoral Contestants workshop for the group of electoral administration officials and representatives of political parties during 24-26 Sept 2013 at President Hotel, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
September 23, 2013

Gender Module Empowers Gender Equality Network, Georgia

IFES Georgia is implementing the Increased Trust in the Electoral Process (ITEP) program, a four-year initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
September 19, 2013

Electoral Systems workshop for electoral reform in Georgia

UNDP Georgia, within the project “Promoting Credible and Sustainable Electoral Institutions and Processes” with the financial support of EU and in coordination with the Parliament of Georgia, organized the workshop on the Electoral Systems
June 18, 2013

TtF in Georgia for Key Electoral Stakeholders

The importance of the Train the Facilitator workshop in Georgia has grown since BRIDGE in Georgia has welcomed new family members from the Political Parties and Observer Organizations.
March 4, 2013

Reforming Electoral Systems in Georgia

UNDP Georgia, within the project “Promoting Credible and Sustainable Electoral Institutions and Processes” with the financial support of EU and in coordination with the Parliament of Georgia, organized the workshop on the Electoral Systems for the members of the parliament and leaders of the NGOs who are considered to work on the future electoral reform.
February 26, 2013

Kosovo Enters New Phase of Sustainability with Five Workshop Facilitators

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) within the framework of “Strengthening Election Administration in Kosovo” project, with the financial support of USAID and in partnership with the Central Election Commission of Kosovo organized two BRIDGE trainings for 36 representatives of Municipal Electoral Offices and staff of Central Election Commission of Kosovo.
December 16, 2012

Building Capacity for INEC in Nigeria

In the framework of its program for building the capacity of electoral stakeholders in Nigeria, and with the financial support of USAID and the cooperation of INEC, IFES Nigeria organized two TtF workshops for INEC State Training Officers.
October 25, 2012

BRIDGE United: Train the Facilitator Workshop in Kosovo unites CSOs and Election Administration

IFES Kosovo, within the framework of “Strengthening Election Administration in Kosovo” project, with the financial support of USAID and in partnership with the Central Election Commission of Kosovo, has organized a TtF workshop for CEC staff and representatives of the CSOs.
October 2, 2012

Electoral Contestants’ In Liberia

IFES/Liberia in cooperation with UNDP/Liberia and NEC held the four-days BRIDGE workshop on Electoral Contestants for members of 10 Political Parties and members of the External Relations Department of the NEC at Golden Gate hotel from 24-27 September, 2012 in Monrovia, Liberia.
September 4, 2012

BRIDGE for Electoral Stakeholders in Georgia

UNDP Georgia in cooperation with the Central Election Commission of Georgia and the Center for Training and Electoral Reforms, with the financial support of the EU, held five customized BRIDGE workshops for the Electoral Stakeholders of Georgia for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections in Georgia, set for October 1, 2012.
March 13, 2012

BRIDGE in Georgia brings another 380 Electoral Professionals and five workshop facilitators

IFES Georgia, implementing USAID-funded program Increased Trust in the Electoral Process (ITEP), in collaboration with the Central Election Commission of Georgia, conducted 15 four-day customized BRIDGE workshops for District Election Commission (DEC) members for the capacity enhancement of the mid-level election administration in Georgia in the period of Jan 22-Feb 25, 2012.
January 2, 2012

Election Management Design Workshops in Lebanon

IFES' project 'Support to the Electoral Process in Lebanon' (funded by USAID) organized BRIDGE workshops on Election Management Design to discuss the issues relating to various EMB options and its potential reform in Lebanon.
December 6, 2011

BRIDGE workshop for improving voter registration in Moldova

The voter registration process in Moldova is complex, and no institution - not even the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) - has full and complete responsibility or control over the process.
November 7, 2011

Boundary Delimitation module in Ethiopia just before the delimitation exercise

UNDP/Ethiopia within the Democratic Institutions Programme (DIP) project "Enhanced capacity of the National Electoral Board" has organized the BRIDGE workshops on Boundary Delimitation for Senior EMB (NEBE) officials and other stakeholders
October 20, 2011

BRIDGE in Beirut: Two Electoral Systems Workshops and Seven New Facilitators

IFES organized a pair of BRIDGE workshops on the poignant topic of electoral systems in Lebanon. The workshops were technical in nature, focusing on the main electoral systems, seat allocation formulas, quotas, and reserved seats,
September 21, 2011

Europe and CIS Regional BRIDGE Workshop on Electoral Systems

Within the GPECS Europe and CIS component, the UNDP’s Democratic Governance Group of the Bureau for Development Policy (DGG/BDP) and UNDP Bratislava Regional Center (UNDP BRC) in cooperation with UNDP/Turkmenistan has organized a five-day Europe and CIS Regional BRIDGE Workshop
June 2, 2011

First Media BRIDGE Workshop in Georgia

UNDP in Georgia supports capacity building of the Election Administration of Georgia and other Election Stakeholders through the BRIDGE programme.
February 21, 2011

BRIDGE Intro for Georgian EA and Observers

The BRIDGE project in Georgia is implemented by UNDP project Promoting Dialogue and Capacity for Effective National Electoral Processes
December 20, 2010

CEC Georgia BRIDGE Showcase

UNDP in Georgia, with the financial support of European Union, continues support of BRIDGE implementation for the EMB of Georgia.
December 19, 2010

Georgia Electoral Training

UNDP/Georgia project Promoting Dialogue and Capacity for Effective National Electoral Processes, with the financial support of European Union, aims at building the capacity of the Election Administration of Georgia.
November 8, 2010

BRIDGE Showcase for Observers – Georgia

BRIDGE in Georgia was first introduced in 2003 as HYBRIDGE for the operational training of EMBs
October 22, 2010

Legal Framework Module – Georgia

Following the capacity building initiatives, launched in March 2009
July 27, 2009

BRIDGE TtF in Georgia

UNDP/Georgia with the financial support of EU, implements the project "Developing Capacities for Democratic Institutions for Fair Electoral Processes and Active Civil Participation" and has been widely supporting the EA training programs since 2003. The conduct of the TtF was planned through the BRIDGE Needs Assessment mission in Georgia that was conducted in March 2009 by the BRIDGE expert facilitator Ross Attrill. The aim of the the TtF was to accredit the facilitators who in their turn shall conduct the BRIDGE workshops to strengthen the capacities of the District and Central Election Commission of Georgia. TtF was held through July 6 - 17, 2009 in GPH Hotel, Kobuleti, Georgia.


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