Boundary Delimitation Workshop 1 – 4 December 2020, Mangochi, Malawi


Malawi Electoral Commission with funding from UNDP and IFES organized a four day bridge workshop held from 1st to 4th December 2020.  The workshop was held at Sun ‘n’ Sand Holiday Resort in Mangochi district, south of Malawi.

The workshop was organized in preparation for the boundary delimitation exercise which the Malawi Electoral Commission is planning to conduct in the near future.

The workshop was attended by political party representatives in the category of Political Party Secretary Generals and Directors of Elections and representatives from key civil society organisations.  A few members of staff from the Media and Civic and Voter Education Departments of the Malawi Electoral Commission also attended the workshop.

The Bridge workshop was facilitated by four MEC facilitators led by an international accrediting facilitator.  Of the four facilitators two are Workshop Facilitators, namely Deverson Makwete and Alice Langwani.  The other two were newly trained facilitators who had undergone TtF just over three weeks ago.  The two are Fyson Magalasi and Steve Ndau.  They were working towards accreditation as Workshop Facilitators.

The workshop covered the Boundary Delimitation Module focusing on the following topics:-

  • Key terms in Boundary Delimitation
  • Electoral district magnitude
  • Consequences of drawing and not drawing boundaries
  • Impact of electoral systems on boundary delimitation
  • Principles of good boundary delimitation
  • Public access to the process
  • Structure of the boundary delimitation body/authority
  • Skills set and redress procedures
  • Framing boundary delimitation legislation
  • Boundary delimitation criteria
  • Steps in boundary delimitation process


At the end of each day participants provided feedback for the day’s sessions.  They were generally excited with the workshop module and reported that the workshop had come at the right time with a planned boundary delimitation exercise ahead. Some of the comments at the final evaluation to appreciate the modular workshop were:

  • Informative
  • Their knowledge was broadened
  • The experience was enriching and enlightening
  • They especially appreciated the concepts of boundary delimitation principles and criteria


The closing ceremony was officiated by the Chairperson of Media, Civic and Voter Education Committee Commissioner Major Steve Duwa Phiri Rtd; The Chief Elections Officer, Sam Alfandika; IFES Country Director, Mr Rudolf Ebling; and UNDP Country Director, Richard Cox.

In their closing speech they thanked the facilitators, organizers and participants.  They all indicated that it was a timely intervention which they hope Malawians will use to deliver a successful and transparent delimitation exercise which is set in the near future.

Furthermore he appreciated facilitators and participants for the commitment to complete the four day event.

Finally he thanked the organizers and funders of the event, UNDP and IFES.


By Deverson Makwete and Alice Langwani





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