BRIDGE Democracy and Governance (BRIDGE DG) Update

DG BRIDGE is the current working title of the project known in 2009 as the Civic Education Development Project (CEDP).

As you may be aware, this project is in its second year of development, and the focus this year is on developing: a second module (Democratic Governance), a DG Community of Practice, a regional program which includes a Showcase and Training of Facilitators (ToF) components, as well as two more pilot workshops in the Asia Pacific region.

We are now organising the roll-out of several inter-related activities, namely:

1. Regional Showcase which aims to ‘showcase’ the CEDP “Democracy in Our Place” workshop and learning model to strategic managers at regional or national level and to plan for implementation of the workshop in selected national contexts. Dates: 31 May – 2nd June in Bali and a second meeting is being proposed for Bangkok in August.

Target Group: Strategic decision-makers who would plan for implementation of the workshop in selected national contexts.

2. Training of Facilitators [TOF] which aims to begin the process of inducting, training and mentoring a selected group of facilitators to facilitate both the democracy and governance workshops at national and local level. Dates: 31 May – 2nd June in Bali and a second meeting is being proposed for Bangkok in August.

Target Group: Facilitators and trainers who are approved by their agency and willing/committed to be trained at this event, mentored during activity 3, and then could co-facilitate one of the national level workshops.

3. Mentoring of Facilitators Process (MoF) where participants with a training background will be selected at the regional TOF to be mentored by our team in the facilitation/delivery of both the democracy and governance workshops at national and local level and will then co-facilitate the workshop in their own national contexts (see 4 below). Dates: July-October 2010.

Target Group: Facilitators & trainers who have attended the ToF, and who are willing and able to be mentored (maximum 40 hours contact over a 3 month period, either virtual and or face to face) by DG BRIDGE team members, and also willing/able to be co-facilitators at one of the national level workshops. Note: In addition to their ToF attendance and delivery of a local workshop, this contact time will contribute towards their DG BRIDGE facilitation accreditation requirements.

4. Delivery of national level workshops (“Democracy in Our Place” & “Democratic Governance” workshops) in national contexts . Dates: October 2010 – March 2011.

Host Agencies: The ‘hosting’ of workshops requires an organisation to take the lead role in organising and implementing a workshop in-country, with the support of the DG BRIDGE team. Whilst this does not mean that the host organisation has to cover costs, they would be required to handle administrative arrangements for the workshop (venue, equipment, catering liaison, and liaison with local facilitators and participants, and responsibility for distributing & collecting questionnaires, etc). Host agencies might also want to use or integrate the democracy and governance workshops within their existing programmes or tie the workshops into existing learning or dialogue processes. An informal exchange of letters for the hosting role could be used by AEC and the host agency rather than a formal MOU. Locations & Host Agencies: The location of these events will be confirmed after we have received responses from key stakeholders. The criteria for selection includes: demand; diversity of locations; our networks; cost effectiveness; UNDP’s Least Developed Countries; etc.

National Level Workshops Locations

At the moment we are determining the most likely agencies and countries to host the national level workshops. These could include agencies in countries such as East Timor, Indonesia, Nepal and Philippines (but these are only early thoughts at this stage, and we are open to discuss the possibility of other countries also). We can fund the programme in one or two countries up to 100% but we do hope that several agencies and countries will be able to self-fund their participation and will consider cost-sharing arrangements if an agency would like to be involved but has limited funds to do so.

To this end, we are inviting selected agencies to identify relevant personnel for 1 and 2, and if relevant suggest a country office that might benefit from and be interested hosting the delivery of one of the national level workshops under 4 above late in the year.

Advisors for Democratic Governance module

Also, we are currently identifying any personnel who may be willing to act as ad-hoc advisors on the development of our Democratic Governance workshop module which will be developed over next few months. Preferably these would be people with expertise in at least one or more key governance thematic areas and preferably with a broad understanding of the governance field in general. When we receive expressions of interest for this advisory role, we will send a more detailed email outlining the process and expectations for the role, before making any firm commitment/arrangement with individuals.

If you are interested in self-funding your participation in any of the above activities, we would need to hear from you by the 5th April – an Initial Registration Form will be sent in response to expressions of interest.

For more information, contact:

The DG BRIDGE Team (Yvonne, Noel & Maureen)

Background to DG BRIDGE

DG BRIDGE is funded by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), and is being showcased and implemented in the Asia-Pacific region in 2010.

It will be of benefit to those agencies engaged in supporting:

  • State and non-state capacity for democratic governance;
  • Increased democratic space, social accountability and voice at national and sub-national levels;
  • Parliamentary development and increased capacity of lawmakers;
  • Civil society development and increased civic participation; and
  • Public awareness of human rights and democracy.
  • Gender & Human Rights Programmes
  • Youth Participation & Empowerment

The programme in 2009 focused on the development of a pilot foundation module, ‘Democracy in Our Place’, [DIOP] which in reality is a multi-stakeholder facilitated process where a range of state and non-state actors explore the concepts of democracy and governance [learning], looking at how these might be applied at both the policy and practice levels in each country [localising] and planning for joint action and change [leading] resulting in increased participants’ knowledge, skills and attitudes at a minimum level and in increased civic participation and democratic governance at the optimum level. The programme pays particular attention to the various Asia/Pacific cultural contexts and learning styles. The ‘Governance’ module, which will follow on from and build on the DIOP, is also currently in development for piloting in late 2010.

The DIOP module is usually conducted over five days with approximately twenty four participants ranging from parliamentarians to local and international civil society actors to government officials, media and the judiciary (either working in the fields of democracy or governance, or who simply want to be more informed or engaged in the political life and/or governance of the environments in which they live and work), facilitated by international specialist facilitators [mentoring a team of local facilitators] who tailor the programme to the specific context and target group. As a multi-stakeholder learning programme there is a strong emphasis on participatory methodologies, adult learning principles and action research.

The objective is for participants and facilitators to explore the concepts of democracy and good governance, and develop a program themselves that will have some concrete outcome in improving an aspect of governance in their sphere of influence.

Yvonne Goudie| DG BRIDGE Coordinator


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