As 2006 draws to a close, it is timely to reflect on what has been a wonderful year for the BRIDGE Project and to thank the partner organisations and all of our facilitators and administrative support staff for their hard work and enthusiasm.

This year there have been more BRIDGE courses conducted than ever before. Excitingly, BRIDGE has been conducted in several African nations, in Latin America, in the Middle East, in the Pacific, in Afghanistan, in the Caucasus and in Bangladesh. There have been requests for BRIDGE from places as diverse as Bhutan and Armenia.

2006 has also seen the continued development of Version 2 of BRIDGE. Version 2 is a truly international document, with 20 writers (all of whom are experts in their field) engaged from a dozen countries in its development. It is also a much more comprehensive program; now comprising 23 modules. The original 10 modules have all been rewritten in light of lessons learnt over the last 5 years and, combined with the 13 new modules we hope that BRIDGE will be the benchmark for electoral administration courses worldwide. Combined with the expanded program, will be a new, more user-friendly format which will be reflected both in new facilitators kits and the BRIDGE website. The BRIDGE office aims to have Version 2 published by 1st July 2007.

I would like to pay particular tribute to our curriculum coordinator, Yvonne Goudie and to the wonderful staff of the BRIDGE office in Melbourne, Ben Murray and Melanie Chan, without whom the Project simply couldn’t offer the service it does.

2007 promises to be an even busier year than 2006, so I hope everyone involved in BRIDGE has a chance for some rest and recuperation and I look forward to working with you all again in 2007.

Ross Attrill

BRIDGE Project Coordinator


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