There were one hundred and fourteen people that participated at five different sessions. They were from the IEC (34 different provinces) and other organizations within Afghanistan such FEFA.

All these sessions were conducted by Afghan Fully and Semi Accredited facilitators as well as a fully accredited international colleague.

BRIDGE Training in Afghanistan


The Public Outreach module topics were productive and interesting for all participants especially for our Public Outreach Officers who are newly recruited within HQ and Field offices.

The Designing of Public Outreach Programs activity was received very well. Participants were shown some public outreach activities that had been used during the 2004 and 2005 elections. Also part of a film called ‘Bulbul’ was shown and a song by ‘Gulzaman and Rita wazma’ was played. It is a story about Nomad people who were encouraged to participate in elections. Participants were also shown a TV spot that showed a candidate who wanted to give barberry to a voter but the voter did not accept.

The electoral systems module was particularly interesting for all participants as our election law has been recently drafted and the government and parliament will adopted it soon. Some of participants’ were partially familiar just with SNTV and Absolute majority systems because they were used in our last Presidential and Parliamentary election but they other systems were new for them, the much more interesting topics for them was :the seats allocation in PR list , Mock election on AV, Transferring of votes in STV and Mixed system .

At the completion of running these modules, the feedback was extremly positive. All participants were satisfied with BRIDGE methodology. One of the participants indicated that he had not previously encountered such a methodology during his time at school and University. He particularly enjoyed the fact that it actively engages participants using such strategies as group work and scenarios. This experience was true for most participants as in our country schools and Universities still just the lecture methodology.

The last session of these modules was conducted from the 29th of October to November 1, 2007.

During this time one of our Semi Accredited Facilitator Mr.Khwaja Aminullah Fazli who facilitated different BRIDGE modules in Afghanistan (including the last session) received the BRIDGE Full Accreditation Certificate.


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