BRIDGE Pre Election Activities Training Program in Kabul


The Independent Election Commission (IEC) of Afghanistan implemented a five day BRIDGE Workshop (Pre Election Activity Module) with the financial support of UNDP/ELECT from 14-18 Sept 2013 at IEC Headquarter in Kabul.

For conducting the free, fair and acceptable election, proper election planning and preparation are vital , these activities are required to be done prior the election ,IEC has started its planning and preparation for conducting the Presidential and Provincial Council election in 2014, IEC has been recognized that ; this is a suitable time to organize the BRIDGE Pre –Election Activities training program for its staff , the mean propose of organizing this program was the familiarity of the staff with different pre election activities , standards and best practices .

The Pre Election Activity Module Workshop was conducted for the IEC Headquarter Staff, 18 staff including 3 female staff from different departments such as Logistics, Planning and Procedure, HR, Field Operation, Training, Admin Finance and Policy Program Support Unite were attended in this workshop.

Some participants have already been working with IEC and some of them were newly recruited, all the participants found the topics useful and important such as; Planning design, electoral cycle, drafting electoral timeline and its importance , staff recruitment , election materials and procurement rules and importance, dealing with suppliers , packing of materials , importance of transportation in electoral activities, storage of materials and managing the warehouses, possible challenges in over all activities , using different case studies especially  including the Afghanistan case studies in BRIDGE curriculum was much interesting for them .

During the training all BRIDGE assigned methodologies were used with some minor changes in some activities, in most activities PowerPoint presentation were used instated of OHPs.

Participants actively and with much interest participated in working groups, discussions, role play and presentations, sharing of different logistical case studies of our past election by experienced facilitators and participants those have been working since long time with IEC had made the workshop most interesting and useful.

The Participants found the workshop much useful for improvement of the skill in different pre election activities and requested for other kinds of BRIDGE module workshops in the future.

Dr. Shahla Haque, Mr.Ezatullah Arman, Mr.Rokai Mehran and Monima Mansoor were the Facilitators of the mentioned 5 days BRIDGE Workshop.

Dr Jawed Habibi the Deputy Chief Electoral Officer and facilitators distributed the Certificates to the Participants of the Workshop.


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