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March 15, 2012

Forum Help

Just a little help to start us off – we’ll develop this as we go! How do I send a private message to another BRIDGE facilitator on the forum? We have not set up a private messaging system but you are able to send an email to another forum member by clicking on their name (e.g. in a post), which will take you to their profile, and then clicking on ‘message’ at the top of the page. This will enable you to send an email to the forum member. Please note that they will then have your email address, although you will not be able to see their email address unless they respond. How can I give feedback to the BRIDGE Office about how this forum is working (or not working!)? Please start a new thread in the ‘Suggestion Box’ section of the forum to alert the BRIDGE Office to any problems you are having with the forum in these initial months. It may be that another forum member can answer your query as well! The BRIDGE Office will endeavour to respond as soon as we can. You can also of course still email the BRIDGE Office direct at How do I know what to post about? If you have a question about BRIDGE that you think the facilitator community can help you with, then just ask. It might be for advice on how to run a particular activity, it might be about running workshops in a particular country or for a particular audience, it might be to ask about what other facilitators have done for certain situations in the past, or just to say hello! Don’t forget to do a search of the forum before asking for advice to see whether your question has already been answered. What is the difference between a category and a topic? Topics are posted by you, the user, to ask a question, start a discussion or just chat. Other forum members can respond within the topic to your original post. Categories are the main themes under which you can start topics – there’s a brief description of them on the main forum index, but here’s a brief summary: – Suggestion Box: here is where you ask any technical or support questions about the forum itself, or make suggestions about how we could improve it. It’s really for forum-specific discussion, not for BRIDGE. – Getting to Know You: if you’d like to introduce yourself before you dive into the forum, here’s the place to do it! – Regional Chat: we are hoping that this category is used by BRIDGE facilitators to network and chat with others in their own region, and to discuss issues and events that might be specific to your part of the world. We would also encourage discussions in your own languages where appropriate! – Implementing BRIDGE: a place to discuss all elements of implementation, from scoping/needs assessment, to planning and design, to preparation and administration, to running a workshop, to reporting and evaluating. It’s also the home category for discussions about accreditation or job opportunities. – Facilitation and the BRIDGE curriculum: a place to talk about facilitation itself – facilitation tips, advice on dealing with difficult participants, great icebreaker ideas, the curriculum, modifying the curriculum, great activities you’ve come across – and more! – Electoral Resources: for when you need to tap into the great electoral knowledge of the BRIDGE community. Need a case study or some stats for an upcoming workshop? Ask and see if someone out there knows! – The Lounge: because sometimes you might want to actually talk about something that isn’t […]
March 15, 2012

Forum rules

Until we have time to run a ‘Code of Conduct’ activity to draft these on behalf of the BRIDGE community, please remember to: – be kind – be generous – be […]


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