December 17, 2009
Accra 2-2

BRIDGE Train the Facilitators (TtF) workshop in French, Accra – Ghana

As part of the Joint Action Plan (JAP) between the African Union and International IDEA, a BRIDGE TtF workshop was organized in Accra, November 9th-20th 2009. This workshop brought together a multicultural group composed by African EMB senior staff, BRIDGE partner organizations (International IDEA and IFES) and the European Association of Election Administrators.
December 17, 2009

The second BRIDGE TTF in Peru

The second BRIDGE TTF in Peru, and the 4th in Latin America, took place in Lima on 12 – 19 October 2009, two years after the first one. This TtF was supported technically by International IDEA and co-funded by the Jurado Nacional de Elecciones (Peruvian EMB) and IDEA (through a regional BRIDGE project supported by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation in Development, AECID).
December 16, 2009

BRIDGE Training For West African Civil Society Organisations Working In Electoral Processes, In French (Gorée Island, Senegal)

A BRIDGE modular training took place in Gorée Institute on Gorée Island, Senegal September 28th to October 2nd 2009.  
December 14, 2009

Long – awaited Bridge Workshop comes to Brussels

To run a BRIDGE workshop in the “capital of Europe” has been a long-standing discussion amongst some of the key election practitioners working in Europe. This “dream” came true with a Train the Facilitator (TtF) workshop co-hosted at the UN House and the NEEDS Offices in Brussels from 9th to 20th November 2009.
December 14, 2009

Gender Workshop: Opening Remarks by Ms Ethel Sigimanu, MWYCA

It is a great honor and privilege to be here this morning especially to be involved in a subject which is very close to my heart. 
December 13, 2009

BRIDGE supports women’s political participation in Peru

 A good two years after BRIDGE was first introduced in Peru (TtF in Nov 2007), BRIDGE came back to this fascinating and complex country in October this year for a series of two BRIDGE Workshops.
December 9, 2009

BRIDGE has a new Website and Logo

In November the BRIDGE Office launched a new BRIDGE website.  Essentially this has meant that we have upgraded the Content Management System (CMS) that the site uses as well as changing the design of the site. 
December 9, 2009

IDEA organises a BRIDGE TtF in Pretoria South Africa in October 2009

International IDEA as part of its ongoing partnership with the Africa Union organised a BRIDGE Train the Facilitators Course in Pretoria, South Africa from October 5-16 2009.
December 9, 2009

Phase 1 Finished! Phase 2 Begun!

The CEDP team is pleased to report that funding for the next phase through UNDEF has now been confirmed, and AusAID support funding has also been approved in principle.
December 9, 2009

International IDEA hosts a BRIDGE TtF in Pretoria

International IDEA was pleased to be able to host a BRIDGE TtF in Pretoria, South Africa, which was attended by 19 participants from 14 countries.
December 9, 2009

BRIDGE Workshop – AEC Victoria

Recently the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) organised a BRIDGE (Introduction) workshop for new staff in their Victorian State Office.
December 8, 2009

BRIDGE in the Kalandula Waterfalls – Angola

Angolan election administrators gathered nearby the lush cliffs of the Kalandula waterfalls to learn about elections management last month, as part of a USAID-funded training program led by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES).
December 8, 2009

IDEA organises a BRIDGE TtF in Pretoria South Africa in October 2009

International IDEA as part of its ongoing partnership with the Africa Union organised a BRIDGE Train the Facilitators Workshop in Pretoria, South Africa from 5 - 16 October 2009.
November 23, 2009
Austria ASPR Group Photo Thumb

BRIDGE in a castle in Stadtschlaining – and it snowed!

In November 2009 Michael Lidauer, Training Coordinator from the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) in Stadtschlaining, Austria conducted a specialisation course on ‘Election Observation and Assistance’. 
November 20, 2009
DSC_1269 E

BRIDGE in Sudan: Effective tool during operational periods

IFES Sudan, funded by USAID, is providing technical assistance and capacity development to the strengthening of Sudan’s democratic institutions.
November 12, 2009

Vacancies for Self-Funding Participants at the Pretoria, South Africa Train the Facilitators Course Nov 23 – Dec 4 2009.

Dear BRIDGE Friends, We are happy to inform you that there are still a few vacancies at the BRIDGE Train the Facilitators Course being organised by International IDEA in Pretoria, South Africa from Nov 23 - Dec 4 2009.
October 30, 2009

BRIDGE for Parliament as well

With the aim of developing the capacity of electoral stakeholders in Egypt, IFES and UNDP in partnership with the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) agreed to join effort to organize a series of BRIDGE workshops for selected participants representing various election stakeholders in the country (Media, Electoral Commission, Ministry of Interior, NGOs, and Parliament).
September 14, 2009

CEDP on top of the world

The pilot module of the BRIDGE Civic Education Development Project (CEDP) travelled to a very different part of the world after the first-ever trial in Vanuatu in May 2009. The cool mountain air of landlocked Bhutan proved a contrast to the tropical heat of the islands of Vanuatu, however the enthusiasm and commitment of participants and facilitators remained as strong as ever.
September 8, 2009

FSM BRIDGE Gender and Elections Workshop

Introduction The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) in cooperation with the Government of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) hosted the "Sub-Regional Building Resources in Democracy, Governance & Elections (BRIDGE) Gender and Elections Module Workshop" for Countries in Northern Micronesia - 13 to 23 July, 2009 (Pohnpei, FSM).
September 4, 2009

BRIDGE Train the Facilitators (TtF) workshop Islamabad – Pakistan

As part of USAID funded program to support the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), IFES Pakistan has conducted several BRIDGE workshops between June and August 2009.  
September 2, 2009

BRIDGE Program Launched in Pakistan

Pakistan has held sporadic provincial and general elections since 1947 and 1970, respectively. Nine general elections have been held, but electoral cycles have often been truncated by periods of military rule. The Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is the independent electoral management body (EMB) responsible for both national and local elections. The most recent elections were held on February 18, 2008.
August 20, 2009

BRIDGE returns to Colombia

Just about 6 months after a first TtF was conducted there in December 2008, BRIDGE in Colombia has taken new momentum with the holding of the first Module workshop on "Polling, Counting & Results", in Bogota, from 3 - 6 August. This workshop was held with the technical support of International IDEA and funding from the Registraduria Nacional de Estado Civil (Colombian EMB) and the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development).
August 9, 2009


The Communication and Information Strategy Branch of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) recently held the first two-day BRIDGE workshop for its national office staff. The fact that many of its staff have not been through a full election cycle provided a strong motivation for putting aside the daily tasks to stand back and consider the bigger election picture.
August 3, 2009

BRIDGE in Nepal July 2009

Electoral system choice is a hot topic in Nepal as the Constituent Assembly is soon to decide upon a new electoral system and constitution. To assist with the debate three BRIDGE workshops were run on the topic of electoral systems in July. They were organized by International IDEA in collaboration with UNDP, IFES and the Nepal Electoral Commission.
July 30, 2009

BRIDGE and Bhutan

The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) in pursuit of good electoral administration has always given high priority for capacity development of the election officials. Beside on the job training, the officers were sent to learn from the already established Electoral management Bodies around the globe to gain knowledge and expertise. For this reason, the ECB was interested to learn more about BRIDGE.
July 27, 2009

BRIDGE TtF in Georgia

UNDP/Georgia with the financial support of EU, implements the project "Developing Capacities for Democratic Institutions for Fair Electoral Processes and Active Civil Participation" and has been widely supporting the EA training programs since 2003. The conduct of the TtF was planned through the BRIDGE Needs Assessment mission in Georgia that was conducted in March 2009 by the BRIDGE expert facilitator Ross Attrill. The aim of the the TtF was to accredit the facilitators who in their turn shall conduct the BRIDGE workshops to strengthen the capacities of the District and Central Election Commission of Georgia. TtF was held through July 6 - 17, 2009 in GPH Hotel, Kobuleti, Georgia.
July 22, 2009

Yemen continues BRIDGE

The Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) conducted another series of BRIDGE trainings in cooperation with IFES with support from UNDP and USAID.
July 20, 2009

AEC staff deliver BRIDGE sessions in Timor Leste

Brian Latham (Lead and Accrediting Facilitator) and Gordon Marshall arrived in Timor Leste with short prior notice to deliver three workshops consecutively over an eight working day period. We arrived early on a Friday morning and spent a very busy Friday and weekend with Augusto Pereira and Pedro da Silva (translator) preparing for the first two workshops which were scheduled from Monday to Friday that following week.
July 20, 2009

BRIDGE Workshop for the Egyptian Parliament

Introduction and Background The last fifteen years witnessed an increase number of election all over the world. Many electoral assistance providers, therefore, have gradually begun to recognize that building in-country electoral capacity is much more important than providing ad hoc electoral assistance from outside. The aim of electoral assistance should, therefore, be to achieve sustainable electoral development by helping emerging democracy building local capacity and share comparative experience in the field of election management.
June 30, 2009

BRIDGE TtF in Accra – Ghana

The first TtF workshop within the African Union (AU) and International IDEA's joint project "Capacity-Building Training of Election Administrators in Africa" was held in Accra – Ghana in English from Monday June 8 to Friday June 19, 2009. This workshop is the first of 3 TtF workshop to be held for selected members of English and French speaking African EMB trainers in 2009 with funding from the Australian Government.
June 16, 2009

First Trial of ‘Democracy in Our Place’

The much anticipated world-first trial of the BRIDGE Civic Education Development Project's (CEDP*) module workshop titled 'Democracy in Our Place' was held at Le Lagon Hotel in Port Vila, Vanuatu from the 25th to 29th May, 2009. The workshop was a huge success - due to the combined efforts of a lot of people - most of whom worked full-time for many weeks and months behind the scenes ensuring that all aspects of the workshop addressed so that we would maximise the learning opportunities for all the participants and the CEDP team alike.
June 15, 2009

Changes to BRIDGE Facilitation Categories

BRIDGE, the world’s foremost elections curriculum, has undergone some changes. For one, it is no more known as BRIDGE Project, but simply as BRIDGE. Other changes are more fundamental than this. At the last meeting of the BRIDGE Partners (UNEAD, IDEA, IFES, UNDP and AEC) in November 2008 in Sydney, it was decided to streamline the facilitator categories. No longer is there a reference to Level 1 to 5 for facilitators, but the names are more reflective of the reality on the ground. One major change is that the person who accredits a facilitator is called an Accrediting Facilitator. This person is no longer the highest rank of facilitator that you can find. Clearer guidelines on the facilitator structure has emerged. The picture above spells it out more clearly. Distribute it to fellow BRIDGE Facilitators. Spread the word. More details on the changes will be in the next Network Newsletter. […]
May 28, 2009

BRIDGE French Translation Glossary Developed April 2009

As part of its ongoing BRIDGE programme in Africa and funded through a grant from the Australian Government through AusAID International IDEA has developed a first draft of a French BRIDGE translation Glossary.      A meeting of French-speaking BRIDGE facilitators[1] took place on 16 and 17 April at IDEA Accra office. A follow-up session took place between two of the facilitators on 25 April (after the 5-day French professional Development BRIDGE workshop organised by IDEA on the 20-24 April in Accra).   The objective of the meeting was to develop a unified French Translation glossary for BRIDGE and electoral terms that will be used for all future French translation exercises of BRIDGE resources.       The glossary team used existing IDEA, BRIDGE & ACE resources to build the glossary, and consulted as well databases from specialized French and Canadian linguistic institutions. All in all, a total of 130 BRIDGE terms and 350 electoral terms have been included in the Glossary. This is fairly exhaustive and will certainly greatly help future translation efforts. In several cases, more than one translation in French was presented as translations often vary with the context and also the geographical region (even between Francophone African countries, different terms are often used for the same activity / concept).       The purpose of the glossary is to become a resource to be used by translators to provide guidance in language use and to ensure a consistency of terminology in future translations. A similar glossary in Arabic has already been produced in 2008.      The Glossary will soon be available on the BRIDGE Website. [1] Alexandra Hovelacque, Dieudonné Tshiyoyo, Nicolas Garrigue and Ibrahima […]
May 28, 2009

IDEA and AU Organise a Workshop in Accra April 2009

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) and the African Union, with funding from AusAid, conducted a BRIDGE Professional Enhancement Workshop for 18 participants from 10 Francophone African countries in Accra from 20 to 24 April 2009. Participants were from Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Comores, DR Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali and Togo.
May 28, 2009

IDEA and AU Organise a Workshop in Accra March 2009

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) and the African Union, with funding from AusAid, conducted a BRIDGE Professional Enhancement Workshop for 23 participants from 10 African countries in Accra from 9 to 13th March 2009. Participants attending came from Liberia, The Gambia,Sierra Leone, Zanzibar, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Bénin, and Senegal. The facilitation team was composed of Theophilus Dowetin, Head of IDEA Accra Office, Nicolas Garrigue Consultant and Philomena Edusei, Deputy District Director for the Elections Commission of Ghana.
May 28, 2009

IDEA and the AU Partner in organising BRIDGE for African EMBs

In Pretoria, South Africa, from 2 - 6 February 2009, 22 senior election administrators from 9 Election Management Bodies in East and Southern Africa; Botswana, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Seychelles, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe are taking part in a 5-day BRIDGE professional development training workshop covering technical issues of election administration such as strategic planning, leadership, stakeholder relations, electoral dispute resolution and the electoral cycle. The technical training workshop is designed to enhance skills and knowledge in these areas and is intended as professional development training for participating election administrators.
May 19, 2009

BRIDGE Workshop, Egypt, May 2009

Introduction and Background The last fifteen years witnessed an increase number of election all over the world. Many electoral assistance providers, therefore, have gradually begun to recognise that building in-country electoral capacity is much more important than providing ad hoc electoral assistance from outside. The aim of electoral assistance should, therefore, be to achieve sustainable electoral development by helping emerging democracy building local capacity and share comparative experience in the field of election management.
April 8, 2009

BRIDGE in Angola

CNE Angola and IFES hold BRIDGE training on Logistics. Chiefs of Logistics departments from each of Angola's 18 provinces, joined headquarters staff and commissioners in the scenic town of Sumbe, in West-Central Angola to take part in a three-day BRIDGE seminar. The National Election Commission, known by its Portuguese acronym CNE, hosted the seminar in cooperation with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems(IFES).
April 6, 2009

BRIDGE for Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) – March 2009

Number one! We humans love to be first to do things. Bhutan is a unique country, which already has achieved its fair share of 'firsts', especially when it comes to its recent transition to become a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy.
April 5, 2009

BRIDGE Training for West African CSOs in Gorée Island

Introduction and Background In July 2007, Gorée Institute became the ACE project's Regional Electoral Resource Centre for West Africa. Its main duty was to promote the ACE Knowledge Network within the region and seek for opportunities to build the capacities of election's stakeholders. As the ACE project was being implemented in the region and the collaboration between International IDEA and Gorée Institute was strengthened, the necessity to link up BRIDGE and ACE appeared to be paramount.
March 30, 2009

Talking Dispute Resolution in Jakarta

Jakarta in Indonesia was the location for a recently held BRIDGE course on Electoral Dispute Resolution. Upcoming elections in Indonesia, scheduled for 9 April, meant that election fever across the country was heating up during the course preparations. Amidst daily newspaper headlines on the elections and campaign posters starting to decorate the capital, course preparations was in full swing by the time we arrived on the ground.
March 26, 2009

BRIDGE is back in Burkina Faso

From March 11 to 21, 2009 a BRIDGE workshop was held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. This 10-day training targeted the political parties of Burkina Faso in addition to EMBs from Guinea-Bissau and Benin. The CENI (Independent National Electoral Commission) of Burkina Faso organized this BRIDGE with the support of UNDP. Mr. Moussa Michel Tapsoba, the President of the CENI headed both the opening and closing sessions of the workshop.
March 26, 2009

BRIDGE Showcase for the Election Commission of Pakistan

During the weekend of 14-15 February 2009, seventeen members of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) participated in a BRIDGE Project showcase event organized by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). The event was organized to introduce the BRIDGE Project to senior decision makers and management of the ECP and aimed at equipping participants with enough background to make an informed decision about whether this curriculum would be an appropriate professional development tool to be used by the ECP.
March 23, 2009

BRIDGE Train-the-Facilitator in Fiji

My fellow participant Coralie-Ann Bishoff Towgood and I from the Cook Islands attended BRIDGE “Train the Facilitator” (TTF) workshop which was co-sponsored by UNIFEM’s “Gender Equality to Political Governance in the Pacific: Stronger Women Citizens and Leaders” project. .
March 15, 2009

BRIDGE Workshop – Vanuatu

A Media and Elections Module - BRIDGE regional workshop was identified by the USP Democracy and Electoral Studies Project to enhance capacity toward Working with Electoral Stakeholders. This regional workshop was attended by 22 participants from Kiribati, Vanuatu,Solomon Islands, Fiji and UNDP. Majority of the participants were from Vanuatu. The workshop proper was held from Monday to Friday (midday), with a cultural tour conducted on Wednesday whereby participants had to identify cross cutting themes and report back the next day.
March 11, 2009

BRIDGE Training Workshop in Cairo

Final Report on the BRIDGE Training Workshop (28 February - 4 March 2009), Cairo, Egypt Introduction and Background The last fifteen years witnessed an increase number of elections all over the world. Many electoral assistance providers, therefore, have gradually begun to recognise that building in-country electoral capacity is much more important than providing ad hoc electoral assistance from outside. As a result, the aim of electoral assistance should be to achieve sustainable electoral development by helping emerging democracy building local capacity and sharing comparative experience in the field of election management.
March 9, 2009

Planning in the Pacific

A four day workshop of the foundation module Strategic and Financial Planning was held in Fiji from 23 to 26 February 2009.
February 23, 2009

TtF for Jordanian and Palestinian Election Administrators

From 25 January to 5 February 2009 in Amman, Jordan, IFES conducted a BRIDGE Train the Facilitator (TtF) workshop for 21 participants, of which 12 were from the Jordanian Ministry of Interior (MoI), 3 from the Civil Status and Passports Department (CSPD), 1 from the Jordanian Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MoMA), 2 from the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Palestine, and 3 from IFES staff.
February 8, 2009

BRIDGE Civic Education Development Project (CEDP) – Update

The Democracy in Our Place foundation module within the CEDP has taken shape in the last couple of months. We now have a detailed module structure and several sample lessons already being edited. This follows an intense and productive writers meeting held in Melbourne in January 2009. There are now eight writers - in various parts of the globe - writing a series of activities to complete the module. If the first drafts are anything to go by, this module is going to be full of creative activities that will serve as inspiration for all BRIDGE facilitators, whatever modules they are delivering! The project team can also confirm the location for the first trial workshop – Vanuatu. We have received some interest from local organisations in collaborating on the pilot, and will be consulting further with stakeholders in-country.
January 22, 2009

Ethiopia BRIDGE Workshop

In 2005, a group of donors formed a basket fund project with the objective of supporting a free, open and accountable political system of governance and the consolidation of democracy in Ethiopia through the organization of the national and local elections, in accordance with The Constitution. The project assisted the Government and the NEBE with the conduct and overall management of the electoral process in 2005 and 2008 in cooperation with a wide range of national stakeholders including CSOs, political parties and media.
January 21, 2009

Train the Facilitator in Egypt

For the first time in Egypt, BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections) Train the Facilitator's Workshop was held in Ain Sokhna, from November 23 - December 02, 2008. This workshop is considered as an important milestone in the "Support for BRIDGE training for electoral process stakeholders" project signed on April 02, 2008 between UNDP Egypt, the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) and IFES as technical implementer of the project. The project aims to Deliver BRIDGE trainings to major elections stakeholders in Egypt as well as to Strengthen election monitoring unit at the NCHR. To achieve the project objectives, there was a need to have a pool of Egyptian BRIDGE facilitators from the NCHR and other organizations. This "Train the Facilitators" (TtF) workshop is the first of two workshop to be held in Egypt as part of the above-mentioned project with the aim of establishing a pool of Egyptian BRIDGE facilitators
January 18, 2009

The first BRIDGE Training for the Egyptian Parliament

Introduction and Background With the aim of contributing to the electoral reform process in Egypt, IFES and UNDP-Egypt in cooperation with the NCHR organized BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy, Governance, and Election) training in 2007. The workshop brought together selected participants representing various election stakeholders in Egypt to enhance their understanding of the principles that underpin the electoral process and share with them comparative experience from the region and other parts of the world as a framework in which to assess their own local experience and draw on best practices and lessons learned and was delivered by "IFES". IFES is one of the BRIDGE partners along with EAD, UNDP, IDEA and the Australian Election Commission (AEC).
December 17, 2008

The first BRIDGE TtF in Colombia

The first BRIDGE TtF ever conducted in Colombia, and only the 3rd to take place in Latin America, took place in Bogota on 1-6 December with the support of International IDEA. The workshop was co-funded by the Registraduria and IDEA (through a regional BRIDGE project supported by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation in Development, AECID).
December 3, 2008

Election Adventures in warm and welcoming Darwin

The fifth of the planned BRIDGE modules with staff of Secretariado Tecnico Administracao Eleitoral (STAE) was to have been conducted in Dili in October as were the previous four BRIDGE Modules delivered in 2008. However, whenever an opportunity presents itself it is certainly part of BRIDGE philosophy to 'seize the day'!
December 1, 2008

Implementation Manual Progress Report

As you may be aware, the third V2 Implementation Manual meeting took place in Sydney, Australia from 10-13 November 2008 attended by over 20 lead facilitators and partner representatives.
December 1, 2008

Bridging the Gap Between Partners!

Sounds like the promo for a marriage guidance counselling agency, doesn’t it? Not so, it’s the latest positive result to come out of BRIDGE.
December 1, 2008


The BRIDGE office has been compiling a list of all programs and workshops that have been conducted since it commenced. This information will be added to an online list event list that can be easily searched. Information of the progress of the development of the website will be advised in future newsletters.
November 30, 2008

Building Mountains – BRIDGE at the top of the World

After a successful scoping mission conducted in August 2007 jointly by UNDP, IDEA and IFES, BRIDGE was recommended to the Electoral Commission of Nepal as a possible capacity development tool.
November 26, 2008

Strengthening Partner Relationships

The BRIDGE Partner Meeting was attended by representatives of four of the five partners - IDEA, IFES, UNDP, AEC. UNEAD unfortunately were unable to attend and sent apologies. The attendees at the BRIDGE V2 Implementation Workshop No 3 were attended to attend the morning session of the BRIDGE Partner Meeting.
November 26, 2008

Building Facilitator Friendships

The AEC International Services Section – Bridge Project Office was delighted to host BRIDGE V2 Implementation Workshop No 3 in Sydney Australia from 10 to 13 November 2008 followed by a BRIDGE Partner Meeting on 14 November.
November 4, 2008

Expression of Interest for Civic Education Curriculum Writers

We are seeking expression of interests from civic education curriculum writers for the BRIDGE* Civic Education Development Project.
November 4, 2008

The 8th BRIDGE Project Partner Committee Meeting

The 8th BRIDGE Project Partner committee meeting is being held on Friday 14th November 2008 in Sydney, Australia, to coincide with the third Implementation Manual […]
November 4, 2008

Implementation Manual Meeting # 3

The final Bridge (V2) Implementation Manual Meeting (# 3) is being held in Sydney Australia from 10-13 November 2008 at the Australian Electoral Commission State Office.
October 27, 2008

Civic Education Meeting

Over twenty civic education specialists from the Asia Pacific region met at the Rendezvous Hotel Brisbane from 14-16 October 2004 to provide strategic advice to the BRIDGE Civic Education Project (Establishing a Civics and Governance Component within BRIDGE). The meeting was very productive – providing a very broad range of views from different perspectives, including: practitioners from different contexts, academics, non-government organisation representatives, class room teachers, adult trainers and curriculum writers, etc.
October 26, 2008

Final Report Ramallah, Palestine

In recent years, a number of Arab countries have undertaken significant steps to strengthen their institutional development, which allowed them to reach important structural reforms and procedural improvements in the administration of their electoral processes. Significant indicators of this progress include the rise of autonomous election management commissions, electoral law reforms to improve participation of women, and - in notable cases – the conduct of competitive and credible elections. However, thus far, these reforms have remained purely isolated domestic experiments, with a very limited exposure both within the Arab world itself and at wider international level, which in most cases have taken individual countries as far as their internal capacities, experiences and resources allowed.
October 17, 2008

132 Reason to Use BRIDGE

The BRIDGE Methodology as it was presented by Ms. Rose Mutayiza, Mr. John Kamea and Mr. Romitesh Kant on Friday 25th July 2008 at the Fiji National Initiative on Civic Education Project site at 2/2 Clerk Street, Suva, will, in my view, greatly assist the NICE Project to achieve the objectives of its core business faster, more efficiently, more professionally, within the project time frame, within the allocated budget and up to the kind of standard that will inevitably leave a lifelong sense of commitment to democracy and the democratic process in the facilitators and participants for the following reasons:
October 17, 2008

Comments of the Civic Education Module

I attended the BRIDGE Civic Education module on Monday 29th - Thursday 2nd October 2008. It was a very useful experience because I learned a lot of new information about the methodologies, knowledge, skills and disposition to be developed or transferred or encouraged in a Civic Education program and a lot of grey areas, like the place of morals and values in a democracy were made clear. There were some strong opinions for and against spiritual development going along with or side by side with social, economic, cultural, technological and political development and it was fascinating to hear the various views and different ideological positions on this topic.
October 16, 2008

Civic Education Module for Regional Pacific Nations

This is an AusAID funded BRIDGE conducted by the Electoral Studies section of the Pacific Institute of Advanced Studies in Democracy and Governance (PIAS-DG) Southern Cross Hotel 29th Sept – 3rd October 2008. There were 33 participants attending from 6 countries across the Pacific including Fiji, Niue, Solomon, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. The participants were a mixture of experienced election administrators and officials from other organizations and NGOs from the region and Staff from the UNDP Civic Education Project in Fiji
October 9, 2008

Strategic Planning at the Lowest Point on Earth

The lowest point on Earth is the Dead Sea. Situated 413 metres below sea level, this salt lake lies between the West Bank and Jordan. With one of the world’s first health resorts, the Dead Sea area has enjoyed important religious significance within Judaism, Islamic and Christianity histories. This unique site was a very appropriate location for a BRIDGE course in strategic planning for Jordanian election managers.
September 25, 2008

A Jack of all Trades

BRIDGE participants in Timor-Leste added electoral training to their list of enhanced skills following the successful completion of the Electoral Training Module in Dili from 15th to 18th September 2008.


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