Civics and Governance for BRIDGE

Program Context

The Civics and Governance Component within the BRIDGE Project (the BRIDGE Civic Education Development Project) is funded by Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), and is in line with their organisational goals and objectives under their Building Demand for Better Governance Initiative.  The project links in to the broader objectives of the Australian Government’s aid program (including the Anti-Corruption for Development strategy, and advancing gender equality), such as assisting developing countries to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development, in line with Australia's national interest. Australia's aid program focuses on the Asia Pacific region.

The BRIDGE Civic Education Development Project will involve the writing of a democracy and governance curriculum framework, and, initially, the development of one complete introductory‘ module. The initial target audience will be the civic education practitioners in the Pacific and Asia region.  Once a draft module has been developed and trialled, it will be formally submitted to the BRIDGE partners for possible inclusion into the full BRIDGE Project and made available to the rest of the world. As this project to begin with has funding for one year, we hope that the full curriculum (with accompanying implementation tools) can also be developed when additional funding is sourced/secured.

Main objective

To contribute to the training tools to improve governance in the Asia Pacific region.


Project Goal Statement

The BRIDGE Civic Education Curriculum Development Project is funded by AusAID for one year (commencing August 2008, and ending September 2009).


The goal of the project is to develop a sustainable training module for adult educators that explores the concepts of democracy and good governance that can be used with a variety of adult stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region. This goal will be achieved by developing: a democracy and governance curriculum framework and an ‘introductory’ module. This module will be trialled somewhere in the Asia Pacific. The methodology will be closely aligned with the BRIDGE methodology, and fully accredited BRIDGE facilitators with a civic education background will facilitate the pilot module. At the end of the first year, a detailed action plan for the continuance of the module development (and the development of a ToT) will be drafted.


Project Deliverables

  1. The development of democracy and governance curriculum for possible incorporation into the BRIDGE Project, specifically: The development of a democracy and governance curriculum framework that is aligned with the BRIDGE Project V2 Curriculum Framework, and uses BRIDGE methodology.
  2. The development of one unit of work/one module within this democracy and governance curriculum framework (including: Facilitators Instructions and Participant Resources – ie Facilitator Handbook and Participant Handbook)
  3. The trialling of this module in at least one location within the Asia Pacific region
  4. The inclusion of ’lessons learned‘ from this trial, into the finished module
  5. The development of a detailed plan for further initiation and writing of modules within the democracy and governance curriculum framework


Project Work Breakdown Structure

(now!) (year 1 – 2008) – Development & trialling of one module

Proposed Phase 2 (year 2 – 2009) – Development of ToT & further development of modules

Proposed Phase 3 (year 3 – 2010) – Development of further modules


Significant Events for Phase 1 (year 1 – 2008)

  1. Audit of Civic Education programs (for adults) in Asia Pacific region
  2. Civic Education Strategic Planning meeting 14-16 October 2008 Brisbane, Australia

    Purpose of the Meeting

    • provide strategic advice on overarching, broad issues which may affect the project
    • contribute expert civic and educational ideas and support to the project team at critical points of the project development
    • brainstorm the curriculum framework
    • give advice on potential/desirable approaches to civic education scope and delivery options
    • provide specialist knowledge/perspectives (eg regional, civic and educational, cross-cutting, content and methodology advice, etc)
    • provide input into trialling options/opportunities, etc
    • provide suggestions for membership of writers group, editorial team (and or peer reviewers), and other groups of specialists
  3. Expressions of Interest sought for Curriculum Writing (October 2008).
  4. First Writers’ Meeting (venue to be advised, somewhere in Asia Pacific) – December 2008
  5. Second Writers’ Meeting (venue to be advised, somewhere in Asia Pacific) – early February 2009
  6. First Trial of First Module – March or April 2009



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