Conducting Online BRIDGE workshops

As the global coronavirus pandemic continues, we are all challenged to adapt to a new reality.

BRIDGE has been trialling new and different ways to deliver BRIDGE in a COVID-safe way which preserves the BRIDGE adult learning principles and upholds the BRIDGE rules. You can read more about the first BRIDGE workshop held online in Ukraine, and other examples of the online delivery of BRIDGE on the BRIDGE website.

Conducting online training workshops, particularly BRIDGE workshops, presents new challenges for BRIDGE facilitators to make sure that workshops remain engaging, interactive and an effective way for participants to build skills, gain knowledge, and learn from each other.

The BRIDGE Partners, led by IFES, has produced “Facilitator Guidance: Conducting Online BRIDGE workshops”, to assist BRIDGE facilitators that may be considering conducting BRIDGE workshops online. The guidance includes specific recommendations for how to maintain BRIDGE’s interactive nature and structure, as well as how to create a comfortable and relaxing learning environment in order to keep the participants interested and active during the online workshop. This guide also contains practical examples of how to adapt BRIDGE materials, and how to prepare both facilitators and participants for a successful online BRIDGE experience.

The BRIDGE Partners welcome your thoughts, feedback and comments on how this guide can continue to be enhanced to support the conduct of online BRIDGE workshops. Please send your thoughts to

A reminder to all BRIDGE facilitators: As per the BRIDGE rules, all BRIDGE activities must be approved by the BRIDGE Partners, and please include details of proposed delivery methods and adaptations when submitting your BRIDGE events for approval and posting to the BRIDGE Events calendar.


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