The BRIDGE Office

The BRIDGE Office is the central point of information for BRIDGE.  Located in Melbourne, Australia the BRIDGE Office exists to provide support and advice to anyone interested in BRIDGE. This includes everybody from those making initial enquiries, to those involved in the project management and implementation of BRIDGE programs. 


The BRIDGE Office functions are to:

  • provide advice on BRIDGE workshops or programs;
  • communicate to the BRIDGE Partners, facilitators, implementers and stakeholders;
  • maintain and update the curriculum materials (including translations);
  • maintain an archive of other BRIDGE resources (customised workshops, reports, photos, articles etc);  
  • maintain and update a database of BRIDGE facilitators;
  • maintain and update a searchable database of past and upcoming BRIDGE events;
  • communicate to the partners, facilitators, implementers and stakeholders;

All those responsible for any aspect of implementing BRIDGE are asked to provide the BRIDGE Office with the details of the planned courses (translated materials, reports, photos etc.) in order to:

  • help the office maintain accurate databases of programs conducted, program participants and BRIDGE facilitators used;
  • allow easy access to these materials by those who will implement BRIDGE in the future
  • ensure that lessons are learnt, and that the curriculum is improved on an ongoing basis.

How to Contact the BRIDGE Office:

We welcome your thoughts and feedback. If you cannot find the answer to your question in our Frequently Asked Questions, please send comments, questions and requests through one of the options below so they can be directed to the appropriate area. 

If you are looking for something specific on the website, you may want to look through our Site Guide, or use the search box in the top righthand corner of every page. 

You can contact the BRIDGE Office via email, the online forum, the calendar or by regular post: 


Any emails sent to the following addresses will be either responded to directly by the BRIDGE office or passed on to the relevant organisation.

  1. BRIDGE related requests:
  2. Queries about the development of the Democracy & Governance component of the curriculum (otherwise known as the Civic Education Development Project – CEDP): 


The online forum is monitored by the BRIDGE office staff and will be responded to in the same way as an email except that it can be publically viewed and anyone else can also respond to your questions.

We encourage you to post questions to the forum so that we build a history of BRIDGE knowledge available directly on the site.  Please note that you do not have to register to the site to post a question to the forum. 

The main topics areas in the BRIDGE forum are:


When a BRIDGE event is confirmed we ask that you communicate this event by submitting it to the BRIDGE online calendar.  When an event is posted to the calendar the BRIDGE Office will review it and publish it to the site.  The Partner Organisations and BRIDGE community will be subsequently informed of these events via quarterly newsletter publications. You do not have to register to the website to post an event to the calendar.   


Postal Address:   

(GPO Box 768G Melbourne 3001)
Level 8 / 2 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000




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