This is a central point for all information relating to the Electoral Assistance module.

The objectives of the Electoral Assistance module are:

  • To sensitise donors to the importance of a) seeing elections as a cycle rather than an event, b) credibility in the electoral process.
  • To explore good practice in electoral assistance, both from the perspective of those giving and receiving the assistance.


Click [here] for a synopsis of the Electoral Assistance module.

Facilitator Only Access

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Primary Curriculum Files

The primary curriculum files for this module include documents for the Facilitators Handbook (OHPs, HOs, FRs) and the Participants Handbook (PNs) as well as PPT and AV documents where relevant.

Key Understandings & Learning Outcomes

The Key Understandings document outlines all the key understandings, learning outcomes and assessment criteria for this module.

Agenda Library

The agenda library includes the sample agendas listed in the Facilitators Notes as well as real agendas from Electoral Assistance module workshops that have been run around the world, submitted by BRIDGE facilitators.


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