This is a central point for all information relating to the External Voting module.

The objectives of the External Voting module are:

  • To explore the principles of external voting (why have external voting and why not? What are the criteria for eligibility as an external voter? What is required to vote?).
  • To consider the implementation of external voting including logistical arrangements (What are the voter registration methods for external voters? What are the voting methods? Where do they vote and when?) Include also cost of external voting.
  • To discuss the political impact of external voting.
  • To design an evaluation or reporting process of external voting activities.


Click [here] for a synopsis of the External Voting module.

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Primary Curriculum Files

The primary curriculum files for this module include documents for the Facilitators Handbook (OHPs, HOs, FRs) and the Participants Handbook (PNs) as well as PPT and AV documents where relevant.

Key Understandings & Learning Outcomes

The Key Understandings document outlines all the key understandings, learning outcomes and assessment criteria for this module.

Agenda Library

The agenda library includes the sample agendas listed in the Facilitators Notes as well as real agendas from External Voting module workshops that have been run around the world, submitted by BRIDGE facilitators.


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