Strategic Issues 
Each month the newsletter will focus on a BRIDGE implementation issue with the aim of either setting guidelines (if possible), or encouraging discussion in order to take the issue to the next BRIDGE Partner Meeting for a decision. We ask for your input as either representatives of the BRIDGE partners, or key BRIDGE facilitators and implementers.

This month’s issue: Facilitation Levels 

The problem:
The current rules governing facilitation levels (in the V1 Implementation Manual) are not clear-cut. This is partly due to the need during the early stages of BRIDGE to be flexible in terms of facilitator accreditation, but this is no longer an issue with a pool of nearly 700 facilitators. Indeed, clarity is essential – the BRIDGE Office has received many queries about the facilitation level system, and it would be useful to have a set of concrete guidelines formalised by Partner approval, either through this newsletter forum or for confirmation at the implementation meeting in Sydney in November.


The proposed solution:
The BRIDGE Office has drafted a proposed new structure for facilitation levels and accreditation, which can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Facilitation Levels Table 


Significant changes:
The levels – there are now five levels rather than four.
Clear requirements for experience – a set minimum hours of facilitation to move between levels, including a requirement to have done one TtF or Implementation Workshop to move to Level 2.
Clear guidelines for what facilitators can and cannot do – clearly delineated responsibility lines, e.g. only Level 1 facilitators can lead a TtF, a Level 4 facilitator can only facilitate modules.
Level 1 facilitator role – the onus for confirming accreditation now falls more formally to the level 1 facilitator, as they are the only ones qualified to partially accredit (at a TtF to Level 5) and fully accredit (in the field to Level 4). The proposal here is that the facilitator database is put entirely online, and it becomes the responsibility of Level 1 facilitators to update the database when they accredit anyone. Until this time, level 1 facilitators should continue to make their recommendations to the BRIDGE Office, which will update the database as necessary.

Applications for promotion – facilitators wishing to move up from Level 4 would need to submit an application to the BRIDGE Office to have their status upgraded. This application would outline what BRIDGE they had facilitated to justify the move. This process would give facilitators greater ownership of their own progression, and help the BRIDGE Office keep track of both facilitators and the work they have done.
Clear and objective criteria for accreditation and promotion for Levels 2-5 – while it will be role of the Level 1 facilitators and the BRIDGE Office to make decisions for accreditation and promotion, they will do this based on a set of objective and transparent criteria to aid their decision and to allow facilitators to be confident their application to move up a level is dealt with fairly.  These criteria are currently being drafted for partner approval.
Partner approval for Level 1 applications – To underline the important role of Level 1 facilitators in this process, and in the BRIDGE Project in general, a more detailed application to be considered as Level 1 will be required, including referees, and this will also need the approval of all five BRIDGE partners.  Criteria for this level will also be drafted.


What can you contribute?
Would you approve these changes as they stand? Would you propose any amendments for consideration?

Please either email us or log in to the website and contribute to a forum discussion group that can only be viewed by partner representatives and level 1 facilitators. 




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