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September 17, 2009
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September 17, 2009

Welcome to the BRIDGE Facilitators’ page – a central point for everything you need as a BRIDGE facilitator.

BRIDGE Module Workshops

Here’s a handy checklist for what you need to do for the BRIDGE Office (or what he BRIDGE Office can do for you) if you’re running a BRIDGE workshop.

Before the workshop:

  • Searching for a facilitator.  If you are seeking another BRIDGE facilitator to assist you or to work on a BRIDGE program or workshop, search [here].
  • Post your workshop as an event on the BRIDGE calendar.  This means that it will be recorded by the BRIDGE Office and it also lets other people know that your workshop is on!  If you’d like some outside participants, this is a great way of letting people know, so include your contact details and as much other information about your workshop as possible.  Do this [here].
  • Download the BRIDGE curriculum documents you need.  If you don’t already have copies, go [here] to download the latest curriculum. (Please make sure you are logged in when downloading).
  • Browse the sample agenda library As part of the design and customisation process, you can refer to purpose-built or previous agendas to get ideas or guidance for your own workshop.
  • Get BRIDGE resources for your workshop like posters, graphics, folder covers etc.  You can find these [here].

After the workshop:

  • BRIDGE Web Article and photos – 5MB limit  Tell the BRIDGE community how the workshop went and post some photos.  Your article will appear on the front page of the website for a couple of weeks and is a great way of telling the BRIDGE community about your event.  If your article and photos are larger than 5MB, sending it in numerous emails is acceptable.
  • Complete the Facilitator Evaluation Report.  Along with your co-facilitators, complete the report [here].  This gives the BRIDGE Office valuable feedback about how the modules are being used and what can be improved. We are looking into publishing the reports so that other facilitators can see what your experience was facilitating your module(s) and that can inform how they approach their own workshops.  Of course, we’ll ask your permission as to whether you want your report publically available, so if you’d like to make confidential comments that will be possible too.
  • Other important things to submit to the BRIDGE Office would be:
    • your agenda, to add to the agenda library
    • any reports written about the workshop for BRIDGE records
    • documentation for any accreditations that might be affected by the workshop
    • any changes, updates, corrections or suggestions to the curriculum that you have noted during the workshop


Are you looking to complete your accreditation to a different BRIDGE category, or are you a facilitator who needs to accredit someone else?  This is the section for you.

  • For TtF facilitators who want to get their participants registered as TtF Complete:  Download the Excel template to add your participants to the facilitator database here.  If you provide your list of new facilitators in this format it will provide all the information the BRIDGE Office needs and can be immediately entered on the BRIDGE facilitator database.  Your new facilitators will then get an email letting them know they have been included and registered as website users.
    • The criteria for TtF Complete are:
    1. Has attended a BRIDGE module workshop as a participant
    2. Has attended all 10 days of a BRIDGE Train the Facilitator workshop
    3. Has been assessed as satisfactory by the TtF lead facilitator against all the TtF Learning Outcomes
  • For Accrediting or Expert facilitators who want to accredit a semi-accredited facilitator to workshop facilitator status:  Fill in the form [here].
    • The criteria for accreditation as a Workshop Facilitator are:
    1. A minimum of 30 hours supervised customisation, preparation and facilitation of BRIDGE module workshops in the field.
    2. Facilitation of only modules (and not TtFs or Implementation Workshops) to enable the facilitator to gain experience and confidence in using and modifying the BRIDGE curriculum documents, and to become conversant with the content of BRIDGE modules.
    3. Again be assessed as satisfactory by the supervising Accrediting or Expert Facilitator against all TtF Learning Outcomes.
  • For Workshop facilitators who want to apply for accreditation as Accrediting Facilitators:  Complete the form [here].
    • The criteria for accreditation as an Accrediting Facilitator are:
    1. A minimum of 150 hours of customisation, preparation and facilitation of BRIDGE workshops in the field, a minimum of 75% of which are module workshops (and not TtFs or Implementation Workshops) to enable the facilitator to gain experience and confidence in using and modifying the BRIDGE curriculum documents, and to become conversant with the content of BRIDGE modules.
    2. Lead facilitation in at least one module workshop.
    3. Provide the BRIDGE Office with reports on BRIDGE activities undertaken
    4. Support and mentor facilitators with less experience


Only BRIDGE facilitators and the BRIDGE Partners have access to the curriculum.

Curriculum documents are in Zip format to ensure facilitators have access to all current files. If you require one specific file please contact the BRIDGE Office.

  • If you are an accredited facilitator, log in and access sample agendas [here].
  • If you are an accredited facilitator, log in and access the curriculum [here]. 
  • For organisations wanting to develop a new BRIDGE module, let the BRIDGE office know by emailing the BRIDGE Office on projectoffice@bridge-project.org
  • For organisations wanting to update or review an existing BRIDGE module, let the BRIDGE office know by contacting projectoffice@bridge-project.org
  • For facilitators wanting to submit amendments, edits, suggestions or other feedback on the curriculum, contact the BRIDGE office by email- projectoffice@bridge-project.org, or through the [ticket system].


BRIDGE V2 has been translated into several languages, including Portuguese, French, Arabic and Tetum.

  • Find out what has been translated in my language.  The material you need might already be translated into your language.  Find all translated material [here].
  • Request permission to translate.  One of the BRIDGE rules is that any translation of the BRIDGE curriculum must be done in consultation with the BRIDGE Office.  Programs that are not run by one of the five BRIDGE partners must also request permission to do so.  Find the request to translate form [here].

BRIDGE Information & Resources

This section provides you with the resources that you will need when you are new to BRIDGE and want to learn more about what it involves.


Don’t forget about the BRIDGE Facilitator Forum where you can chat to other BRIDGE facilitators for support, advice and discussion.

The BRIDGE Rules

As a BRIDGE facilitator, it’s important to know the BRIDGE rules as set out by the BRIDGE partners in 2013.

  1. All BRIDGE activities must be approved by the BRIDGE Partners. Approval is obtained through the BRIDGE Office. Therefore BRIDGE implementers must advise the BRIDGE Office as soon as they can legitimately do so, of forthcoming BRIDGE activities.
  2. BRIDGE workshops must be conducted by accredited facilitators. The BRIDGE facilitation process has been designed to ensure that facilitators have an adequate understanding of the BRIDGE content and methodologies. This is to ensure quality of outcomes and consistency of approach in the delivery of BRIDGE training.
  3. BRIDGE must acknowledge the BRIDGE Partners. Part of the strength and credibility of BRIDGE comes from the Partnership, therefore it is important to give due recognition.
  4. Copyright of the BRIDGE materials must be respected. In this context, it must be emphasised that the translation of materials does not change the underlying intellectual property.
  5. Any translations of BRIDGE materials must be approved by the BRIDGE Office. Approval is obtained through the BRIDGE Office. Therefore BRIDGE translators must advise the BRIDGE Office before commencing translation work.
  6. BRIDGE facilitators and implementers must provide additional activities and resources, translations, evaluations and program reports to the BRIDGE website, via the BRIDGE Office. This ensures that lessons are learnt, and that the curriculum is improved on an ongoing basis.

Please note that workshops, programs and translations which are funded or implemented by a BRIDGE Partner or EMB will be automatically approved. Implementers and translators from the BRIDGE Partners or EMBs must still inform the BRIDGE Office, but approval will be assumed in these cases.


Facilitators who do not abide by the BRIDGE rules will be warned, and if they continue to transgress, will have their accreditation status as BRIDGE facilitators removed, which includes their access


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