First BRIDGE TtF For League of Arab States (LAS)

BRIDGE Dispute Resolution in Indonesia
September 15, 2014
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BRIDGE Civic Education Workshop in Al Bayda – Libya
September 21, 2014



 First BRIDGE TtF For League of Arab States (LAS)

UNDP has organized the first BRIDGE TtF workshop for LAS and UNDP Staff in September 2014. Twenty-four participants from 8 Arab countries attended this workshop that took place from September 1 to 12, 2014 in Beirut, Lebanon, 11 of them were women.

Four BRIDGE facilitators participated in the preparation and delivery of this TtF:

1. Shuhub Najeeb (UNDP BRIDGE workshop facilitator)

2. Said Sanadiki (UNDP BRIDGE workshop facilitator)

3. Ahmed Alameri (UNDP BRIDGE semi-accredited facilitator)

4. Ossama Kamel (Independent BRIDGE expert facilitator)

This TtF comes within a comprehensive project aiming at developing the capacities of LAS staff. All TtF participants worked hard in preparing and delivering their sessions. We look forward to having new BRIDGE facilitators from LAS and UNPD in the region.



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