First Trial of ‘Democracy in Our Place’


The BRIDGE CEDP (Civic Education Development Project) is an initiative of Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID).


The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) supported the running of the workshop, as they felt it fitted well with their new AusAID funded, 5 year program, on improving women’s access to democracy and governance called Gender Equality in Political Governance (GEPG). The CEDP is grateful for the assistance of: Hanna Lindley-Jones, Country Projects Coordinator, Grayleen Lapi, GEPG Coordinator, and Ellenson Taurakoto, Administrator, all from UNIFEM Vanuatu. From the CEDP team efforts, special mention must be made of the extraordinary efforts of Melanie Chan in contributions to curriculum and successfully managing all of the overall logistical arrangements on the ground.

The workshop successfully fulfilled the 2 main aims of the workshop:

  1. (for participants) to explore the concepts of democracy and good governance as well as develop their knowledge, skills and values about these concepts
  2. (for CEDP team) to assess the appropriateness of the CEDP (materials and methodology)

Success was measured by formal evaluations (pre-workshop questionnaires and daily feedback sheets for all participants and facilitators), observation by the facilitation and observer team, and by talking to the participants throughout the workshop.

The trial workshop provided extremely valuable lessons for the project team in terms of: the suitability for the target audience, the appropriateness of the program components, the generic curriculum structure and session plans.

A more detailed report will be published soon in the CEDP section of the BRIDGE website and sent to all members of the CEDP Advisory Group.

Yvonne Goudie

(Kneeling L-R) Hanna Lindley-Jones, Melanie Chan, Beatrice Barnett, Raijieli Bulatale, Yvonne Goudie, Bertha Tarileo, Bertha Lauru, Seman Dalesa, Frida Bani

(2nd row L-R) Josephine Kalsuak, Grayleen Lapi, Minister for Internal Affairs, Hon. Patrick Crowby, Charles Pierce, Priya Chattier, Helena Catt, Janet Orah, First Lady Hanson Mataskelekele, Viviane Obed, Jeannette Bolenga, Melody Avock, Joseph Laban

(3rd row L-R) Morris Timataso, Ellenson Taurakoto, Moses Steven, Michael Bergmann, Derek Brien, David Merick, Noel Mathews, Obi Mial, Morry Rarua

(Back row L-R) Paul Nalau, Alain Simeon, Johnnah Nahwo, Selwyn Toa, Iavro Robson, Nicolas Garrigue, John Salong Absent: Rothina Noka, Liesel Masingiow, Therese Laanela, Tom Kalo

Participants, Facilitators and Observers

The participants came from government and civil society, including the First Lady and personnel from the following organisations: Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation; Ministry of Internal Affairs; Vanuatu Women’s Centre; Vanuatu Association of Women Graduates; Young People’s Project, Cultural Center; UNIFEM; Pacific Institute of Public Policy (PIPP); Police Academy; Disability Promotion and Advocacy Association; VRDTCA (Vanuatu Rural Development Training Centers’ Association); Local Provincial Government; Policy and Curriculum unit within Ministry of Education; Department of Provincial Affairs; Media Association; Department of Youth Development Training; Transparency International Vanuatu; Elections Office; Habitat for Humanity Vanuatu.

CEDP Team Personnel

Yvonne Goudie – CEDP Coordinator (AEC)

Melanie Chan – CEDP Project Officer (AEC)

Therese Laanela – CEDP Editor

Noel Matthews – CEDP Curriculum/Training/Gender Advisor

Nicolas Garrigue – CEDP Evaluator

Beatrice Barnett – CEDP Writer/Facilitator (AEC)

Facilitators, Participants & Observers at the Workshop

The following local facilitators were engaged to co-facilitate this workshop:

Josephine Kalsuak – Vanuatu Renewable Energy/ Power Assoc

Seman Dalesa – Department for Women’s Affairs

Tina Ilo – Department for Women’s Affairs

John Salong – Consultant


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