The BRIDGE website has the following functions:

To explain BRIDGE to potential clients and interested parties

The BRIDGE website explains what BRIDGE is to potential clients through a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area, a summary of the curriculum, news articles, upcoming events, discussion forum, statistics, reports and an online version of this implementation manual

To inform BRIDGE stakeholders about current BRIDGE issues and events

The site informs stakeholders about BRIDGE current issues and events through a quarterly newsletter publication.

The BRIDGE Facilitator Bulletin is for anyone who is interested in keeping informed about BRIDGE news with a focus on facilitator and implementer issues.  This newsletter can be subscribed to through the front of the BRIDGE website. 

The ‘News’ section of the site informs stakeholders about BRIDGE events.  This area is specifically designed so that facilitators or implementers can write articles and reports about a completed workshop and have it posted to a central point where BRIDGE Partners, facilitators, implementers, clients or participants can read about what is happening with BRIDGE.

The ‘News’ feature of the site also acts as a repository of information on past workshops and programs. 

To send reports about a completed BRIDGE workshop, facilitators or implementers can email the article to the BRIDGE Office ( along with a selection of photos from the workshop.   Articles are also welcome in languages other than English.

To provide a central point of contact for BRIDGE related queries

The website also acts as a central point for individuals to submit BRIDGE related questions.  The BRIDGE website has a ‘contact us’ section. Messages posted to this area are sent to all BRIDGE Office staff through the email address –  The BRIDGE Office will review the emails and either respond directly or forward the email to the relevant Partner organisation.

To maintain a database of past and future BRIDGE events

The BRIDGE calendar is a record of past and upcoming BRIDGE workshops, meetings and other events.  All BRIDGE events must be posted to the BRIDGE calendar using the online notification form to be considered officially BRIDGE.  Where Partner approval has not already been sought, the online notification will be considered a request for approval and sent to the BRIDGE Partners.  Events will be posted to the BRIDGE calendar following review from the BRIDGE Office and approval from the BRIDGE Partners.

To maintain a database of BRIDGE facilitators

The BRIDGE website maintains a database of facilitators.  BRIDGE facilitators are registered to the website when they successfully complete their TtF.  Information is kept on their contact details, BRIDGE experience and accreditation information.
Facilitators are able to progressively update their own profile as they accumulate BRIDGE experience. 
Accreditation is also done through the BRIDGE website through online accreditation forms.  Applications to become Workshop Facilitator should be submitted by the facilitator who is doing the accrediting, not the applicant.  Applications to become Accrediting or Expert should be submitted by the applicant themselves, identifying a referee.

This database is one of the tools that the BRIDGE Office and Partners use when recommending facilitators for planned workshops. 
Registered users of the BRIDGE website may log in and search the facilitator database themselves.  Here they can find facilitators by specific criteria such as their accreditation status and languages spoken.

To provide facilitators with access to the curriculum and other resources needed to conduct BRIDGE workshops
The BRIDGE website hosts the up to date curriculum as well as translated versions for use by facilitators.  Only accredited facilitators and the BRIDGE Partners have access to this section of the website.

In addition to the curriculum this area has ‘extra resources’ such as brochures, posters, nametags and folder covers and dividers.  Facilitators can also access the artwork files should they need to customise these resources.

To provide facilitators with evaluation tools for their BRIDGE programs or workshops

The BRIDGE website has several forms and tools for both facilitator and participant evaluations. 

To provide a forum for the BRIDGE community

The BRIDGE website hosts a BRIDGE forum to facilitate discussion and communication between all BRIDGE stakeholders.  This facility also has the function of informing the BRIDGE Office and Project Partners about potential issues that may need to be addressed at Partner Committee Meetings. The forum is publically viewable, although only registered users can post comments. 

Website checklist: facilitators and implementers

  • Register as a website user
  • Update your own profile
  • Notify the BRIDGE Office of BRIDGE events and update information if needed
  • Download BRIDGE curriculum, materials as necessary
  • Send an article about each BRIDGE event for publication, including photos
  • Complete any accreditation forms if relevant
  • Complete facilitator evaluation forms giving feedback for the BRIDGE event 



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