The following list are hyperlinks to flash animations that demonstrate how BRIDGE facilitators, implementers and writers can use the features of this website.

Please note that these animations are quite large in size and will take a while to download before they commence playing. 


  1. Register
  2. Recover lost pasword
  3. Create a news article about a BRIDGE event (1.2MB)
  4. Review BRIDGE events
  5. Add a BRIDGE event to the calendar (1.4MB)
  6. Upload photos
  7. Find and download BRIDGE materials in word or PDF format
  8. Review where past BRIDGE courses have been conducted
  9. Review and download photos of past BRIDGE events 
  10. Edit BRIDGE course materials
  11. Edit your modified materials
  12. Approve BRIDGE articles
  13. Search BRIDGE facilitator database
  14. Search BRIDGE Implementer database
  15. Approve or reject user registration application
  16. Review past news letters 




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