How do I become a BRIDGE facilitator and what is the process for accreditation?

BRIDGE facilitators are usually identified as part of a greater BRIDGE program, and organisations will look to their own staff or within their networks for potential facilitators. They will be looking for people with the requirements listed below.

If you are not connected with an organisation planning a BRIDGE program, you may still be able to attend a TtF workshop. TtF workshops being run by other organisations or regions are often open to external participants. Check the BRIDGE website to see what BRIDGE TtF workshops are coming up and contact the organisers to find out if places are available for external participants. You will usually have to pay your own attendance costs.  It should also be noted that it is strongly recommended that you attend a BRIDGE module workshop before attending a TtF.

Accreditation to become a BRIDGE facilitator involves three steps:

  1. Participation in a BRIDGE workshop as a participant. This is to familiarise the candidate with the BRIDGE methodology, and to ensure that they know what being a BRIDGE facilitator involves and whether it is definitely a path they want to follow.
  2. Completion of a BRIDGE ‘Train the Facilitator’ workshop. This is a two-week workshop focusing on teaching trainers how to deliver BRIDGE using the BRIDGE methodology.
  3. Completion of sufficient supervised facilitation of BRIDGE workshops in the field.


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