Innovative blended learning approach for Gender Equality and Elections modular workshop in Ethiopia

UN Women Ethiopia organized a 2.5 days BRIDGE workshop on Gender Equality and Elections during 25-27 November, 2020 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The workshop was led by BRIDGE facilitators Anastasiia Matviienko (Ukraine) and Natia Kashakashvili (Georgia).

The objective of the workshop was to build the capacities of various stakeholders and aware them on how to make the electoral cycle gender sensitive/responsive and enhance women’s political and civic participation. In total, 18 representatives of CSOs, governmental institutions, academia and UN Women staff (working on electoral matters) have participated in the workshop. The workshop was opened by UN Women Deputy Representative in Ethiopia, Anna Parini, stressing on the importance of continued cooperation with the various gender equality stakeholders.

This BRIDGE workshop’s blended learning modality was first of its kind for – applying online interactive training approach to the participants who were physically convened at a training room. BRIDGE facilitators were supported by UN Women staff who provided technical management of the participants, as well as the technical support to arrange online interaction of the BRIDGE facilitators with the participants in plenary and during the group-works.

The workshop agenda was designed in order to meet objectives of the workshop, with the particular focus on addressing Gender Inequalities throughout the Electoral Cycle.

The workshop conduct with the innovative blended learning modality was extremely successful as the participants were very actively engaging in the group-works, brainstorming, sharing experiences and presenting the ideas/group-work results in plenary. BRIDGE facilitators have managed to conduct several classic BRIDGE-style activities (in comparison to the activities that are difficult to run or have less impact during the conduct of online workshops) that resulted in more understanding, interaction and creation of the friendly atmosphere amongst the participants.

At the end of the workshop, with the help of UN Women staff, participants were granted certificates with facilitators’ e-signatures.




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