Introduction to Election Administration Module for League of Arab States

Electoral Management Design Workshop in Luanda
January 14, 2018
IFES Implements Election Administration & Management BRIDGE Training
January 31, 2018

IMG 198910 – 14 December, 2017 in Cairo – Egypt

UNDP jointly with the League of Arab States (LAS) held a BRIDGE training workshop on Introduction to Election Administration from 10 – 14 December, 2017 in Cairo – Egypt. The workshop covered several phases within the electoral cycle; international elections obligations, types of EMB’s, boundary delimitation, electoral systems, electoral education, voter registration and technology and elections. The last two days focused on elections observation;

background, observation throughout the electoral cycle, codes of conduct and observation reports. 25 participants from LAS and UNDP participated in the workshop. Five BRIDGE facilitators delivered the training module:

Ossama Kamel – Accrediting facilitator

Ahmed Amin – LAS Workshop facilitator

Mohmoud Elshahat – LAS Workshop facilitator

Hiba Merheb – LAS TtF complete facilitator

Radhia Ben Hassine – LAS TtF complete facilitator

By the end of the workshop, the two TtF complete facilitators received their accreditation as workshop facilitators.


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