The BRIDGE Methodology

The BRIDGE methodology combines participatory adult education techniques with a distinctive Values – based approach. Rather than relying heavily on traditional lecturing, BRIDGE is focused on practical issues and is activity-based, with each module offering a range of activities designed to convey clearly identified Key Understandings, and to achieve specified Learning Outcomes. It reflects the insight that people learn best when they take responsibility for their own learning, and are faced with material that is relevant to them and presented in a memorable and innovative way.

The BRIDGE methodology:

  • acknowledges the importance of building local electoral administrative capacity in countries
  • acknowledge and valuing diversity of experiences and operational environments
  • encourages dialogue, sharing of knowledge and participation to identify excellence in electoral administration
  • is supportive, rather than prescriptive, in building individual participants’ skills and expertise
  • encourages participants to be responsible for their own learning
  • encourages local ownership of the curriculum so that client groups eventually have the ability to conduct BRIDGE for themselves

The BRIDGE package is flexible and adaptable. BRIDGE programs are developed to meet specific needs and requests internal or external to the partner organisations. This means that BRIDGE programs are extremely diverse, depending on the client, circumstances, timing in the electoral cycle, funding and participant needs, as well as regional and cultural contexts.

A carefully constructed customisation process is the key to a successful program. The first and most important requirement is a committed and competent team of BRIDGE facilitators, equipped with the time, resources, and appropriate information about the participants’ needs and expectations.


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