The BRIDGE Curriculum

The BRIDGE curriculum is comprehensive, representing the most ambitious attempt ever undertaken to cover the spectrum of electoral processes and their effective administration. Written by a large international team of experienced democracy professionals associated with the partner organisations, the BRIDGE curriculum includes major sections on stakeholders in the electoral process, coverage of cross cutting issues (such as gender, integrity and access), and in-depth exploration of complex issues relating to credibility, ethics and institutional culture.

The BRIDGE curriculum concentrates on the principles underlying all properly run elections, while drawing examples of different practical approaches from many countries. It does not seek to prescribe any one model for implementing those principles, but rather encourages participants to learn from the diverse examples presented. In some of the modules the aim is to develop skills in areas that are important in an electoral administrator’s day-to-day work, with an emphasis on understanding the relationships between tasks in order to meet tight deadlines effectively. In other modules the main focus is exploring structural, ethical or social issues.

Each module includes examples of activities, literature, case studies, election materials, websites, and audio-visual aids as workshop resources. It provides access to and draws from resources such as the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network ( IDEA handbooks and EC (European Commission) /UNDP manuals. It also offers access to regional and global electoral networks.

Download the BRIDGE Curriculum Framework Poster.


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