An election is the largest and most complex logistical operation that a country ever undertakes in peacetime.  This is often not well understood, and indeed, the better an election is run, the simpler it looks.  Committed, ethical, professional and confident people are the key to increasing the prospects of running a good election, in both emerging and more established democracies.

In this module we assess the criteria for thorough logistics planning by means of

  • designing timetables, forms for transport and distribution, labels, code systems polling kits and a warehouse
  • discussions about election materials, forms, packaging, storage, distribution plans, contingency plans, security.
  • agreements with suppliers,
  • arrangements for transport of materials and for recovery of materials ……
  • assessing the infrastructure for transportation
  • tracking systems, control mechanisms
  • power point presentations and photo shows

Through the activities, participants will experience

  • the complexity of the logistical operation
  • the importance of carefully and thoroughly planning
  • the importance of carefully and thoroughly ordering of materials
  • the importance of communication with all sections involved in the operation

This module aims to provide participants with the tools to develop a thorough logistics plan in a professional, ethical and confident way.


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