BRIDGE in Nepal July 2009
August 3, 2009
August 9, 2009

BRIDGE Version 2 comprises of three thematic groups:

Electoral Architecture, Working with Electoral Stakeholders and Electoral Operations, and within these thematic groups there are 24 modules, including two Foundation modules. The Foundation modules cover the standards and principles that underpin elections and the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for effective administration.

Foundation Modules

Introduction to Electoral Administration

Strategic and Financial Planning


Thematic Groups for all other modules

Electoral Architecture 

Working with Electoral Stakeholders

Electoral Operations

Legal Framework

Access to Electoral Processes

Voter Registration

Boundary Delimitation

Gender and Elections

Pre-election Activities

Electoral Systems

Electoral Contestants

Electoral Training

Electoral Management Design

Electoral Observation

Polling, Counting and Results

Electoral Technology

Media and Elections

Post-election Activities

Political Financing

Electoral Assistance

External Voting


Electoral Dispute Resolution

Electoral Security


Voter Information



Civic Education






Note: words in bold are the short title of each module



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