Second BRIDGE Civic Education Training Program in Kabul

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) of Afghanistan with financial support of UNDP/ELECT conducted the BRIDGE Civic Education Training Program from 7-11 July 2012 at IEC headquarters.
The training program was organized for the provincial (IEC) staff. 30 provincial staff was attended in the program as both Public Outreach officers and Training officers. Some of the participants had already been attended in BRIDGE training programs in past but some of them were newly recruited and had never been attended in any BRIDGE programs.
Despite the staffs were involved in managing and conducting the public outreach activities in last elections and had got experiences on voter information but it was required to build their capacity on voter education and civic education too. The main purpose of this program was to increase the general knowledge of the staff about civic education and familiarize them with civic education principles, the role of CE in improvement of society and  the best practices .    

The program was facilitated by Mr. Rockai Mehran, Mr. Samyullah Pashadwal, Mr. Ezatullah alemi, Mr.Khalid Abdyani and Mss.Hamida Omid.

 The composition of the participants in this program including the staff those had been attended and those were not attended in BRIDGE program in past and their experiences on public outreach activities was created an amazing training environment, all the participants were actively participated in discussions, role playas, presentations and working group activities. Participants tried to share their own experiences and linked it to relevant BRIDGE topics.
Participants were satisfied with both the methodologies and facilitation methods used, they showed their interest in topics especially eight steps in CE , designing a CE program, democratic schools , CE in schools , youth participation , CE in gender prospective , content of voter education ,monitoring and evaluation .   
At the end of program participants thanked IEC, UNDP/ELECT and BRIDGE team, they emphasized to conduct more BRIDGE training for them in future .Participants were issued the certificate by Zekria Barakzai the deputy CEO and facilitators.

Participant’s feedback:

• Right now I have a clear picture on CE programs , I was mostly involved in voter information and though people only need election information but right now I found some other  important parts which are required to be improved in our society , the list of required CE programs what have we developed during this program for our country was amazing which never thought those issues could be improved through CE programs like; decreasing the wedding cost , laws awareness ,corruptions , narcotic drugs …..

• I really became familiar with public outreach principles , usually we were receiving the prepared public outreach materials from HQ and implemented the program in our provinces , now understood from where a program is starting and where is finishing and how each step is important to be followed correctly.


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