BRIDGE Secretariat

BRIDGE Secretariat

The BRIDGE Secretariat exists to provide support and advice to anyone interested in BRIDGE. This includes everybody from those making initial enquiries, to those involved in the project management and implementation of BRIDGE programs.

The BRIDGE Secretariat functions are to:

  • provide advice on BRIDGE workshops or programs;
  • communicate to the BRIDGE Partners, facilitators, implementers and stakeholders;
  • maintain and update the curriculum materials (including translations);
  • maintain and update a database of BRIDGE facilitators;
  • maintain BRIDGE event calendar

All those responsible for any aspect of implementing BRIDGE are asked to provide the BRIDGE Office with the details of the planned courses (translated materials, reports, photos etc.) in order to:

  • help the office maintain accurate databases of programs conducted, program participants and BRIDGE facilitators used;
  • allow easy access to these materials by those who will implement BRIDGE in the future
  • ensure that lessons are learnt, and that the curriculum is improved on an ongoing basis.
  • Register BRIDGE events using the BRIDGE events calendar.
  • Complete the facilitator evaluation form (only one form needs to be submitted per workshop). Please submit a copy of the agenda for the workshop via the form.
  • Write an article about the course and share some photos with the BRIDGE community. This can be loaded via the BRIDGE website and if you experience any issues please contact us via
  • Advise via email to of any corrections or amendments to the curriculum that you believe need to be made.
  • Advise via email to if any facilitators have been accredited during this workshop. Their accreditation won’t be official until it has been processed by the BRIDGE Secretariat.

How to Contact the BRIDGE Secretariat:

We welcome your thoughts and feedback. If you cannot find the answer to your question in our Frequently Asked Questions. please contact the BRIDGE Secretariat using the online contact form, or, via email to


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