The first task of a program implementing team is to determine the overall program aims and objectives, by asking ‘what are you hoping to achieve with this program?

Sample BRIDGE program objectives:

  • Increasing organisation staff knowledge on boundary delimitation
  • Increasing gender awareness of an organisation
  • Improving the ability of the organisation to plan strategically
  • Building an electoral culture within an organisation
  • Building of teams within an organisation
  • To give insights into the principles, skills and challenges in the conduct of properly run elections

While BRIDGE will have been identified at this point as appropriate, it is important that objectives are identified independently of the BRIDGE curriculum.

Types of Objectives

Below is a quick summary of the implementation process, focusing on the objectives that should run through the BRIDGE program:



BRIDGE program objectives, should be checked against appropriate indicators to measure capacity development3. Within a given context, the particulars of capacity development should be broken down into a number of performance indicators covering certain core functions appropriate to the program. Examples might include:

  • awareness and knowledge
  • institutional coordination and cooperation between stakeholders
  • information management
  • mobilisation of electoral principles in decision-making
  • technology skill transfer
  • negotiation and leadership skills
  • institutional management and performance

(Based on ‘Good Governance – Guiding Principles for Implementation’, issued by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) in 2000)


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