Acknowledgements Version 2

October 3, 2008


BRIDGE Coordinator Ross Attrill Curriculum Coordinator Yvonne Goudie Website Coordinator Ben Murray Editorial Team Ross Attrill Melanie Chan Yvonne Goudie Paul Guerin General Editing Alexandra Hovelacque Ian Smith Helena Alves Rushdi Nackerdien Therese Laanela Pearce Simon Jenkins Foundation Modules Introduction to Electoral Administration Cate Thompson – Editorial/Proofing Brian Latham Raphael Lopez-Pintor Nicolas Garrigue Strategic and Financial Planning Simon Jenkins Jerome Leyraud Electoral Operations Voter Registration Adrian Morrice – Case Studies/Input Carlos Valenzuela Emmanuel Rejouis Electoral Security Phil McInerney Adrian Morrice – Case Studies/Input Sean Dunne External Voting Maria Gratschew Pre-election Activities Caroline Van Den Broek Marco Hasselaar Wael Al Faraj – Case Studies/Input Laurie McGrath Serhiy PinchukSerhiy Pinchuk Post-election Activities Adrian Morrice Rushdi Nackerdien Therese Laanela Pearce – Case Studies/Input Carlos Valenzuela Polling, Counting and Results Emad Yousef Simon Jenkins Alexandra Hovelacque Electoral Training Joanne Cheah Rushdi Nackerdien Simon Jenkins – Case Studies/Input Endang Try Setyasih Gadis Mertinna Kenesh Sainazarov Working with Electoral Stakeholders Media and Elections Virginia Beramendi-Heine Richard Carver Nicolas Garrigue Yvonne Goudie – Case Studies/Input Vanessa Johansson – Editorial/Proofing Henry Valentino Access to Electoral Processes Yvonne Goudie Nicolas Garrigue Therese Laanela – Case Studies/Input Michael Cooke Maria Gratschew Voter Information Yvonne Goudie Simon Jenkins Jorge Guzman Ika Sartika Cate Thompson – Case Studies/Input Helena Catt Fida Nasrallah Audrey Manu Tina Harihiru Gender and Elections Yvonne Goudie Therese Laanela – Editorial/Proofing Peter Eicher Electoral Observation Ilona Tip Olexiy Lychkovakh – Editorial/Proofing Paul DeGregorio Civic Education Yvonne Goudie Simon Jenkins Jorge Guzman Ika Sartika Cate Thompson – Case Studies/Input Helena Catt Fida Nasrallah Audrey Manu Tina Harihiru Electoral Assistance Therese Laanela Pearce Domenico Tuccinardi Paul Guerin Fabio Bargiacchi – Case Studies/Input Emmanuel Rejouis Carlos Valenzuela Electoral Dispute Resolution Trefor Owen Alexandra Hovelacque Electoral Contestants Carlos Navarro Adrian Morrice Ian Smith Electoral Architecture Legal Framework Ian Smith Ruth Meyer – Case Studies/Input Carlos Valenzuela Boundary Delimitation Lisa Handley Electoral Technology Domenico Tuccinardi Helena Alves – Case Studies/Input Richard Twigg Electoral Systems Stina Larserud Melanie Chan Joanne Cheah – Case Studies/Input Glenn Rhodes Chantal Sarkis Electoral Management Design Marie-Claire Boillot Sara Staino – Case Studies/Input Emmanuel Rejouis Hagen Siosikefu Carlos Valenzuela Therese Laanela Political Financing Magnus Ohman Therese […]


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