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November 13, 2018

Nigeria, Akure, 13-15 Nov 18, Pre-election Period, OSIEC, funded by IFES

The Ondo State Independent Electoral Commission is new appointed and charged with the responsibilities of conducting Local Government Elections in Ondo state. In light of this IFES is conducting the BRIDGE workshop to provide the newly appointed Commission with basic knowledge in elections administration. The workshop is intended to enhance the knowledge of the Commission in conducting credible elections Facilitators: Accrediting – 571 – Seray Jah Workshop – 3383 – Chuta […]
May 14, 2018

Owerri, Nigeria,14 -18 May 2018, Introduction to Electoral Administration, IFES

The Imo State Independent Electoral Commission (ISIEC) in Nigeria is scheduled to conduct elections on July 14, 2018. The commission was inaugurated about two months ago and have little experience on election administration. The ISIEC, with the support of IFES, plans to conduct a customized BRIDGE module workshop covering the following topic areas: å¤ Post-Election Activities å¤ Gender and Elections å¤ Introduction to Election Administration å¤ Strategic and Financial Planning å¤ Leadership å¤ Election Security å¤ Communications å¤ Electoral Operational Planning å¤ Access å¤ Electoral Systems å¤ Legal Framework The topics have been selected to match the needs of the ISIEC and the state at large. The workshop will enhance skills of the selected staff in the respective topical themes, who carry out important activities across the electoral cycle. Purpose – Preparation for Electoral Event Professional Development of Staff Facilitators: Chuta Chijindu, Obaje M Ukeh and Uloma Osuala […]
May 14, 2018

Abuja, Nigeria, 14-18 May 2018, Introduction to Eelctoral Administration (mixed module), INEC, funded by IFES

In line with its 2017-2021 Strategic Plan, the Independent National Electoral Commission approved series of capacity building programmes for various cadre of its staff, to prepare them for the implementation of the 2019 Election Project Plan (EPP). Consequently, a BRIDGE module workshop was scheduled for all directors of the Commission at the Headquarters, having earlier trained directors at the state offices. The 5-Day workshop, which is with technical and funding support from IFES, will be held from May 14th – 18th, 2018. The Module Workshop has been customized to suit the needs of participants. Topics covered include the following: *Strategic/ Financial Planning *Election Security *Introduction to Election Administration *Leadership *Access to the Electoral Process *Legal Framework *Electoral Operational Planning *Communication *Electoral Systems The module workshop will enhance skills of participants and prepare them to give direction in the implementation of activities outlined for the conduct of the Commission’s February 2019 General Elections. Facilitators: Deryck Fritz and Seray Jah Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu, Ifeanyichukwu Agoha and Victoria […]
April 12, 2018

Calabar, Nigeria, 23-27 April 2018, Access to the Electoral Process, INEC, funded by EU

The EU Funded Programme ‰ÛÏSupport to Democratic Governance in Nigeria.‰ۢ Component 1: Support to the Independent National Electoral Commission implemented by the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES).The Module is for enhancing capacity of 50 participants who are INEC Persons with Disabilities(PWDs) desk officers. Accrediting – Emmanuel Kawishe and Rindai Chipfunde Vava Workshop – Dorathy Inyang, Dorothy Bello and Kelechi […]
March 26, 2018

Nigeria – 26-29 March 2018 – Module – Gender and Elections – funded by the EU

The EU Funded Programme ‰ÛÏSupport to Democratic Governance in Nigeria. Component 1: Support to the Independent National Electoral Commission implemented by the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES. The Module is for enhancing capacity of 30 participants who are INEC gender desk officers. Facilitators: Accrediting: – Rindai Chipfunde Vava Workshop: – Chukwuemeka Ugboaja- Mary Nkem – Nkechinyere Abuh – Sunny […]
March 19, 2018

Nigeria – 19-23 March 18 – Module – Gender and Elections – Funded by the EU

The EU Funded Programme ‰ÛÏSupport to Democratic Governance in Nigeria‰۝ (EU-SDGN) aims to contribute to the reinforcement of democracy in Nigeria through building strong, effective and legitimate democratic institutions. It will be implemented from 2017 to 2021, accompanying the 2016-2019 electoral cycle, and is anchored in the priorities of the Nigerian government and the recommendations of the European Union Election Observation Mission on the 2015 General Elections. This module is on enhancing capacity of INEC 30 gender desk officers on gender and elections Facilitators: Accrediting: – Rindai Chipfunde Vava Workshop: – Chukwuemeka Ugboaja – Mary Nkem – Nkechinyere […]
October 2, 2014

BRIDGE Takes Electoral Accessibility Campaign to peak levels

The one week training, themed: 'Training on Access to Information on Electoral Process Module'
July 16, 2014

Great Nawojians elevated Media and Elections BRIDGE Modular Workshop to a high level

A Modular BRIDGE Workshop on Media and Elections was held at Valencia Hotel, in Abuja, from 7 to 11 July 2014 for the National Association of Women Journalist (NAWOJ) members.
July 9, 2014

Media Corps in Nigeria welcomes Media and Elections BRIDGE Workshop

The focus of the workshop was to improve relationships of
March 20, 2014
New Picture 2

Crossing the gender BRIDGE in Nigeria

World over, women have always been marginalized in decision making processes.
March 13, 2012

African Union Supports BRIDGE Professional Development Training Course in Nigeria

A 5-day Professional Development Training (PDT) was conducted from the 12 - 16 December 2011 at the Bolingo Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria for seventeen senior staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of Nigeria.


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