The BRIDGE Partnership and Structure

Explaining BRIDGE
August 17, 2009
Focus On: Rules of BRIDGE
August 17, 2009

The BRIDGE partners are all committed to the following values:

  • The spirit of collaboration and cooperation, and establishing a true partnership.
  • Regular and honest communication between all Partners, and between the BRIDGE Office and all Partners.
  • Maintaining a strong relationship between Partners, including teamwork and collaborative communication in the field.
  • A commitment to supporting BRIDGE in a way that is most appropriate to each Partner, which may include staff time, financial resources or providing expertise.
  • Sharing of resources, expertise, staff, information.
  • Modelling of good BRIDGE implementation practices where Partners are implementing BRIDGE themselves
  • Mainstreaming of BRIDGE workshops and methodology within Partner organisations


Governance of BRIDGE

As outlined in the previous section, BRIDGE is administered from the BRIDGE Office, which is based in AEC National Office, Australia and funded and hosted by the AEC.

BRIDGE Communication and Decision Making

The BRIDGE Office is the designated hub for information from Partners, and undertakes to keep Partners fully informed of BRIDGE activities at all levels. Communication takes the form of regular Partner newsletters, the BRIDGE website and regular email correspondence between the BRIDGE Office and the designated focal points at each Partner organisation.

A Partner Committee Meeting, which brings together the BRIDGE Office and the focal points of each Partner organisation, takes place annually.  This meeting provides an opportunity for Partners to discuss the challenges, directions and strategies of BRIDGE. It is also used as a forum to make high-level decisions that cannot be made at the BRIDGE Office level alone.

Where possible, the Partner Committee Meeting also invites key BRIDGE practitioners to attend, and can be used as an opportunity for practitioners to network and provide feedback to the Partnership.


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