The IEC of Afghanistan with the financial support of The Asia Foundation conducted the first round of TtF courses in Kabul in March 2006. This course was attended by staff from the IEC and stakeholder organisations (FEFA, CIJ, ACSF, and TAF). At the end of the course, the four fully accredited facilitators handed the Semi Accreditation Certificate to the twenty nine participants on the TtF.

In 2006 and Jan-Feb 2007; four BRIDGE modules (Election Administration, Voter Registration, Observer and Election Preparation) were conducted in 13 different sessions which in total 315 participants attending these sessions.

The second TtF course was conduced from April 7 to 17, 2007 in Kabul with the support of The Asia Foundation. Twenty five participants (13 from IEC, 9 FEFA, 2CIJ,1 IFES), attended this course.

This training was conducted by Afghan Semi Accredited Facilitators under supervision of one National and one International Fully Accredited Facilitator.

Particpants at the Seconfd TtF in Afghanistan

The feedback from the facilitators and participants demonstrated that the course was an overwhelming susccess.

The key reasons for this were:

  • the course conducted with local languages
  • all training materials prepared with local languages
  • all the facilitators who were running the course, had already conducted different BRIDGE modules and were familiar with the BRIDGE methodology
  • all the participants who attended the TtF had already participated in one of the four BRIDGE modules conducted during 2006. This meant that all the participants on the TtF knew the facilitators and were familiar with the BRIDGE methodology. As they knew what to expect they could express themselves very well and were able to modify the topics and create new energizers an Icebreakers easily

Participants on the TtF were chosen from those who had attended the various BRIDGE modules and selection was based on their communication skills and electoral knowledge

The participants on the TtF course universally commented that the the experience was very interesting and useful for their future careers in electoral administration. They all participated actively in the group activities and more than 97% of participants received positive feedback (even in the first pair of presentation).

One of the participants who had more than 20 year experience in journalism and teaching and had conducted or participated in more than two thousand training programs, expressed the view that he had never seen such a methodology and environment like the BRIDGE TtF.

After conducting the TtF course four Afghan Semi Accredited Facilitators (Shahla Haque,Abdul Ghafor Ashiq, Awal-ul-Rahman Roodwal , Mohammad Tawfiq Rasooli) received the Fully Accreditation Certificate of BRIDGE.

The only challenge that faced during the training was the translation of the training materials.Due to the lack of time we were unable to translate all the BRIDGE modules so we had to use just 5 translated module of BRIDGE and 3 translated module of ABRIDGE. The preparation had been done in two local languages simultaneously, but with the hard work of the facilitators we over came of all these challenges.



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