Welcome to the BRIDGE Translations Page.  This is a central point for all translated versions of BRIDGE documents.

Translations may be for specific modules, for an already customised workshop or for certain BRIDGE documents (e.g. the Implementation Manual or the brochure) only.  There are currently no full translations of BRIDGE version 2.

*Please note* Translations for version 1 of BRIDGE are no longer available for download.  However, if you would like access to these, please contact the BRIDGE Office.  Version 1 translations are available in: Arabic, Armenian, Dari, French, Georgian, Indonesian, Pashto, Portuguese, Spanish and Tetum.

Translated documents

If your organisation has done a translation of BRIDGE materials that does not appear here, please contact the BRIDGE Office.

Albanian: TtF Documents available in Albanian.

Arabic: There are Arabic translations for the TtF, Implementation workshop and several modules.  There is also a good collection of useful documents such as glossaries and translation guides and Arabic versions of a variety of electoral resources.

Dari: There are Dari translations of the Implementation and Facilitation manuals and the TtF workbook.

French: Several modules and basic BRIDGE documents are available in French.

Georgian: A variety of modules are translated into Georgian.

Indonesian: A variety of modules and customised workshops are translated into Indonesian.

Pashto: There are Pashto translations of the Implementation and Facilitation manuals and the TtF workbook.

Portuguese: Electoral Management Design has been translated into Portuguese, as have basic BRIDGE documents.  Further translations into Portuguese are expected soon.

Romanian: Several modules have been translated into Romanian.

Russian: Several modules plus the BRIDGE brochure have been translated into Russian.

Serbian: TtF Documents available in Serbian.

Spanish: Several modules, the TtF and basic BRIDGE documents have been translated into Spanish.

Tetun: There have been extensive translations into Tetun.

Doing a translation?

If your organisation is planning to do a translation of BRIDGE materials, complete the permission to translate form.

Read more about translating BRIDGE in the ‘Focus on: Translations’ section of the Implementation Manual.

Translation tips

  • Check here before commencing any translation to ensure that your documents have not already been translated
  • Use existing translations for help with terminology, conventions etc.
  • Keep in mind that a translation may have been done for a certain national or demographic audience and may need to be edited for your specific audience


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