TtF Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Trainees will be assessed against a set of assessment criteria outlined for each learning outcome. It is a requirement of the accreditation program that trainees need to achieve all the learning outcomes.

The means of assessment used during the program includes facilitator observations and feedback, role-plays, problem-solving activities, small and large group discussions / reports, case studies and scenarios, peer and self-assessment.

1.Encourage all participants of BRIDGE to work effectively in teams

Assessment Criteria:

  • Identifies and organises appropriate groups to work together
  • Establishes and monitors group rules for working and learning together
  • Conducts small and large group activities
  • Provides strategies for effective teamwork
  • Provides opportunities for participants to give positive and constructive feedback to others
  • Provides opportunities for participants to receive and act on feedback in a positive way
  • Seeks and acknowledges the contribution of all participants
  • Identifies and manages potential conflicts in groups


2.Facilitate BRIDGE using a range of adult learning and participatory teaching methods

Assessment Criteria

  • Identifies participant expectations and concerns
  • Seeks and uses participants’ knowledge, ideas and experiences
  • Clarifies the roles and responsibilities of facilitators and participants
  • Clarifies workshop objectives and learning outcomes
  • Uses a range of activities and resources that are culturally sensitive and allow for the different ways that people learn
  • Presents in a clear structured way with an introduction, body and conclusion
  • Seeks and provides constructive feedback and encouragement
  • Uses questions appropriately, in particular “open” questions
  • Adapts facilitation style based on feedback from participants and their learning needs
  • Debriefs and reflects on learning activities
  • Monitors and reflects on the achievement of objectives and learning outcomes


3.Promote and foster a positive learning environment

Assessment Criteria

  • Seeks and listens to participant ideas
  • Establish and monitors group rules for working and learning together
  • Develops mutual trust and respect with participants
  • Displays energy and enthusiasm
  • Acknowledges and recognises the contributions of participants
  • Provides opportunities for participants to take risks and to learn from mistakes
  • Demonstrates gender awareness
  • Organises groups to encourage equal participation from all members


4.Plan and organise the effective delivery of BRIDGE

Assessment Criteria:

  • Consults with stakeholders on workshop organisation, delivery, module and participant selection
  • Identifies the needs of participants and their organisations in preparation for the workshop
  • Describes the key relevant characteristics of the culture in which BRIDGE is to be facilitated
  • Selects appropriate modules, activities and resources for BRIDGE
  • Establishes a timetable and program for the BRIDGE workshop including pre-workshop planning steps
  • Compiles participant profiles, incorporating input and materials from participants

5.Communicate effectively the key understandings of BRIDGE in a cross-cultural environment

Assessment Criteria:

  • Outlines module purposes and the key understandings to be explored in the identified modules of BRIDGE
  • Uses a range of activities and resources to explore and communicate each of the key understandings, in ways that meet the cultural and learning needs of the participants
  • Gathers from and gives to participants, feedback on their knowledge and application of each of the key understandings in the identified modules


6.Monitor the progress of participants during workshop activities

Assessment Criteria:

  • Gathers regular feedback from participants on the effectiveness of the training program
  • Seeks from and provides to participants, feedback on a regular basis
  • Observes and records the work of all participants on a regular basis
  • Provides all participants with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills


7.Apply a variety of evaluation techniques

Assessment Criteria:

  • Clarifies the criteria against which participants will be evaluated
  • Identifies and uses strategies for evaluation
  • Makes recommendations about the program based on participant and stakeholder feedback


8.Adapt the BRIDGE materials to meet the specific needs of the participants of BRIDGE workshops

Assessment Criteria:

  • Selects appropriate modules, activities and resources for BRIDGE
  • Adapts learning activities based on participant feedback and self- assessment
  • Identifies post-workshop work and steps for follow-up as required and/or requested
  • Identifies the steps involved in proposing and implementing a BRIDGE workshop


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