What are the rules of BRIDGE?



BRIDGE is a partnership. This partnership gives strength to BRIDGE, but at the same time it brings with it some obligations for the implementers of BRIDGE.

The rules and guidelines of BRIDGE are designed to ensure its integrity as well as continuing to maintain the synergy between the BRIDGE partners and other BRIDGE implementers.  it’s important to know the BRIDGE rules as set out by the BRIDGE partners in 2013.

1. All BRIDGE activities must be approved by the BRIDGE Partners. Approval is obtained through the BRIDGE Office. Therefore BRIDGE implementers must advise the BRIDGE Office as soon as they can legitimately do so, of forthcoming BRIDGE activities.

2. BRIDGE workshops must be conducted by accredited facilitators. The BRIDGE facilitation process has been designed to ensure that facilitators have an adequate understanding of the BRIDGE content and methodologies. This is to ensure quality of outcomes and consistency of approach in the delivery of BRIDGE training.

3. BRIDGE must acknowledge the BRIDGE Partners. Part of the strength and credibility of BRIDGE comes from the Partnership, therefore it is important to give due recognition.

4. Copyright of the BRIDGE materials must be respected. In this context, it must be emphasised that the translation of materials does not change the underlying intellectual property.

5. Any translations of BRIDGE materials must be approved by the BRIDGE Office. Approval is obtained through the BRIDGE Office. Therefore BRIDGE translators must advise the BRIDGE Office before commencing translation work.

6. BRIDGE facilitators and implementers must provide additional activities and resources, translations, evaluations and program reports to the BRIDGE website, via the BRIDGE Office. This ensures that lessons are learnt, and that the curriculum is improved on an ongoing basis.

Please note that workshops, programs and translations which are funded or implemented by a BRIDGE Partner or EMB will be automatically approved. Implementers and translators from the BRIDGE Partners or EMBs must still inform the BRIDGE Office, but approval will be assumed in these cases.

Facilitators who do not abide by the BRIDGE rules will be warned, and if they continue to transgress, will have their accreditation status as BRIDGE facilitators removed, which includes their access


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